Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CA Speaker Perez to UC Provost: "I am actually offended by the notion that mine is an external concern...

"... The Governor, the Lt. Governor, the Superintendent and I are all regents as well. So, we wear multiple hats and not one at the exclusion of the other. And, if you actually look at the questions that I was raising- they were questions based on what is in the interest of the UC on the one hand, and, then secondarily, what the internal and external budget considerations are -but they were predicated on the notion of the interests of the UC and particularly our ability to compete for the best PhD candidates possible, one -- and to be as competitive and have the greatest ability to use the resources of the grants, two. So, I want to be very clear that this is not an internal or an external conversation."

background-see: at the 1:53:40 mark (toggle to it) in this video from the morning session of the UC Regents meeting on Nov 13 during the educational policy committee portion--(just before the above quote happens) Speaker Perez asks the UC Provost a lengthy, multifaceted set of questions regarding considerations/questions he will likely get from his colleagues in Sacto when they focus on requests for increased funding from Leg to UC.

Provost response could be perceived -initially-as a slight,dismissive, expressing a disregard for the U of California aspect

also, "for those of us who don't have to worry about the state"--...ugh.

like some sort of incidental provenance

...she then apologizes, tries to take a different tone.

The Faculty Rep also follows up while throwing in numbers on current state support for UC.
On :other things that happened at the UC Regents Nov 14th meeting and on Limiting Hospital Strike Participation Tomorrow

on Title IX - it is UCLA along with UCB - the LA Times calls it "regular" review but it is labeled a leg high priority audit. more info here on the upcoming April 2014 report.

this is also in the works: UCLA and UCSF Med Staffing and Finances audit with a report Jan 2014

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