Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CA State Budget Moves On Higher Ed, and other things

so @cnewf has this:
on Higher Ed and Latinos:
"Latino are 38% of #CA pop, w/ #collegecompletion rate of ⅓ state ave, 68% in #CCCs. Time for a massive #CCC refunding" see the infographic
after several other tweets-- later on a separate note also this:
"cited for campaign violations, Dean Florez is founder of 20 Million Minds and major #MOOC lobbyist"
Former State Senate Leader Fined For Misusing Campaign Funds

the 20 mm website is down right now for some reason...-but his bio is also available here.

(And this story is the unfortunate backdrop: California State Senator Ron Calderon Should Resign by Dean Preston...and yes, this is part of the backdrop as well.)

Of course, contrary to some reader comments left at those news items, it isn't about Florez and Calderon being Latino - it has to do w/ what is going on in Sacto with special interests, agendas. Unfortunately, many more local news bureaus based in Sacramento have closed in recent months so Californians will be even more in the dark. Is that by design?

btw, Cal is launching this program: Univision News partners with UC Berkeley to reach young Latinos - Will they have a Sacramento bureau?

Cal Pol Issues has multiple posts on higher ed funding in CA and state budget:
The Leg Analyst Summarizes the Higher Ed Budget and
Opening Bid on the Budget

CA D's and R's are going to have to rethink/remake - their approach to jaded/cynical voters- that includes jaded/cynical Latino voters who don't like the pol nonsense either. Californians are also going to have to start saying what they really expect from the pols and from Higher Ed.

Public invited to weigh in on Obama's college-rating proposal
The aim is to help students choose schools that offer the best value for the money. Session at Cal State Dominguez Hills on Wednesday will be the only one in California.
- guess no one really cares what N. Cal thinks unless it is in Silicon Valley.

on other higher ed news more can be found here and here.

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