Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Cal has hired six full-time employees to beef up his staff, which provides tutoring and advice to student athletes."

some UC Berkeley faculty and staff were sent to a newspaper to do damage control on facts. (facts that led to their program getting six new full time employees- that happening with your program?):
Cal Admits To Serious Student-Athlete Flaws

But UC Berkeley officials questioned the correlation between low admission standards and poor graduation rates. They said athletes admitted to Cal under lowered admissions standards still have the opportunity to succeed, but some student athletes get caught up in situations that prevent them from doing so.

"It's something in the culture," said Richard Rhodes, an associate dean who heads the Academic Senate's committee on admissions. "The coaches tend to be afraid of certain courses. So, students delay in taking them."

As a result, some student athletes at Cal avoid courses deemed difficult to pass by their coaches. And some of those courses are required to graduate. Rhodes identified classes in "Quantitative Reasoning" and "Reading and Composition" as two such courses.

The issues among student athletes at Cal vary wildly by sport. While revenue-generating sports such as men's basketball and football have suffered dramatic reductions in graduation rates, other sports, such as women's lacrosse and crew, often boast near-perfect rates.

To address academic issues encountered by student athletes, Cal has beefed up its Athletic Study Center, headed by Director Derek Van Rheenen.

Van Rheenen said Cal has hired six full-time employees to beef up his staff, which provides tutoring and advice to student athletes. The department has had some recent success offering core courses over the summer months, when student athletes may have less hectic schedules.

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pix and this

Bears do love the rain-- scent of pine trees, eucalyptus.
UCSB and UCSC and lot of UCSD and more UCSD and the LA Times coverage

you can check out a lot of it - and detail on intimidation from admin- right now by checking out this twitter handle and scrolling. and more UCB

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