Monday, November 11, 2013

Can't Blame It All On 209

Remaking the University--A review of the UC Regents Agenda This Week
by Joe Kiskis, Department of Physics, UC Davis
Changing Universities: A Message for the Regents and President Napolitano -the message covers some major present issues to tackle.
The UCLA lack of diversity in admissions story getting coverage in a very big way. More than just Regent Island complaining about this never ending problem at the UC Regents meeting year after year. Seems the problem might be that some UC's continue to just blame 209 rather than to blame themselves for not using holistic admissions decisions practices in order to mitigate. Some UCs do it and some UCs don't. -i.e. they do what they want to do w/ admissions.

Another important aspect to the video is that it mentions some important UCLA entertainment and travel numbers that came out of this Center for Investigative Reporting piece.
- Lookin' So Foul, can't blame that on 209.
Cal Buzz--Op Ed: Reed’s Anti-Pension Drive Enrages Labor

take a look at Cal Pol Issues Coverage of how UC is in on this too.
Remember (Tabitha- former MTV news/v-jay- Soren's hubby) the money ball guy who had to go to Reed in San Jose to find out about Vallejo while living in Berkeley?- the piece he wrote on CA in VF?... and now CalBuzz has Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi coverage...
it all comes back around to


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