Sunday, November 10, 2013

CSHE on grad student union report, other items

see Daily Cal: Student workers union report claims quality of UC education in decline

Richard Walker, a board member of the Berkeley Faculty Association, and Anne MacLachlan, a researcher at the UC Berkeley Center for Studies in Higher Education, agreed that these tough choices have negative effects on undergraduates.

“The less money there is around, the more we are all scrambling,” Walker said. “All the squeezing means faculty scrambling more, graduate students scrambling more — and the undergraduates are often forgotten.”

Although MacLachlan agreed that strong graduate programs directly benefit undergraduates, she was critical of the report’s weak methodology.

“It is not a report but a collection of viewpoints on real problems based on anecdotes and generalities,” MacLachlan said. “It is such a shame, because I would bet that most UC employees in any category agree that graduate student support should be much better and also agree that real problems are raised in this document.”

UC officials said they have not yet reviewed the report and could not comment on its details.



see: TA Union Pushes for Lower TA-to-Student Ratio includes SF Chron coverage and Read the full report, "Towards Mediocrity: Administrative Mismanagement and the Decline of UC Education," .
- and student orgs are still raising concerns about the lack of transparency in the UC President selection process.
earlier UCSD Guardian: UC President Janet Napolitano Makes First UCSD Visit

earlier at Riverside- Fontana Herald News: UC President Napolitano visits UC Riverside campus and is criticized by protesters

is Napolitano going to say to UC Regents that the (upstaging?) attendance of the Dirks Inauguration was her Berkeley visit? Or, is she going to do the visit during break...? strange.
on Veteran's Day -thinking about the inaugural address Dirks made and trying to remember if there were any passages about his plans for non traditional, reentry students. He kept referring to the students as 'the youth'- but what about vets and others attending Cal? Also, why was the staff ombuds/HR picked to speak on behalf of staff at the Dirks inauguration- couldn't they get a regular staff person/group to speak/represent?
other things brewing in advance of the UC Regents meeting:

Nov 20 some UC workers strike

or listen to the UC Regents committee on investments meeting that happened last week
Goldilocks and the future of Liberal Arts

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