Thursday, November 14, 2013

Napolitano Feels Misunderstood

No one at UCOP or on the Regents seems to understand that they have now made the UC Regents meetings a magnet for broader non UC-centric issues to take center stage...
how could they have NOT anticipated this? protest also now coming from potential applicants/HS students, those affected by other non UC policies etc. She is going to do outreach over time to try to ameliorate, huge task.
see Sac Bee coverage VIDEO: Janet Napolitano says student protesters have the wrong impression

lots of coverage of tuition yesterday and in early editions this morning- but the Governor and Regents had a not so rosy discussion of UC tuition during this morning's UC Regents meeting...
anyway, til those stories post- here's more:
SF Chron coverage of tuition

KTVU coverage w/video and their story on int'l students and trends


UCB Faculty petition re: Grad Student support

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