Saturday, November 23, 2013

Napolitano To UCSB and "Black Bruins" At UCLA

escorted by some from UCOP on her visit to UCSB (including Brostrom, who -strangely- attended this event for students but did not attend the recent UCSB townhall on the UCSB benefits packages debacle handled by his group etc.)

here is photo gallery: Closed meeting between UC president Janet Napolitano and UCSB’s student leaders

Protesters Express Outrage Over Napolitano’s Exclusive Meeting with UCSB ‘Student Leaders’
from KQED- (why hasn't she watched the short video yet?) UCLA Video Decries Tiny Number of Black Male Students; Napolitano Responds

full "interview" here - imo it was not a hard hitter, more PR friendly than investigative:

Student Initiated Petition "Petitioning UCLA GE Diversity Requirement UCLA has less than 50 Black males in the entire freshmen class. This needs to change. Petition by Sy Stokes" available here

Napolitano is not directly addressing the number of qualified Black AFRAM applicants and the status of admission or denial. She keeps making the same canned comments about current high school students taking proper courses and the $80,000 blue and gold plan etc. She needs to address directly what was in the applicant pool and what the results were. Who received acceptance letters and who didn't? Who returned letters of intent, arrived on campus and who didn't, and why?

Also, why are we seeing the same trend among faculty hires? Is that also a solely "preparation" and "financial" issue? When does she see these as race-based and when doesn't she see it as race-based?

(you can also watch the full intro to their piece and how they frame UC current challenges here.)

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