Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Purging of UC Regents Meeting Video Archives?

Looks like UC Regents want the public's support.
not necessarily public engagement with UC issues...
see the policy: Video files for past open session meetings are available for one year after the dates of the meetings.

If you look at the upper left hand section here: the video archive of UC Regents meetings will begin to be purged starting in January 2014- two months from now.
So, if you want to look at the January 2013 meeting on video after January 2014, well tough----

If you watch the UC Regents meeting and you observe several folks at desktops and laptops in the corner-and w/ cameras by the public comment microphone- those folks are putting in the labor to bring the video to you- that costs money-recharge$, labor$, equipment$. All of the funds that go to produce the video archive will go down the drain along with the purged video. Or, maybe it will go off into some private inaccessible library somewhere??

Does that look like waste to you?

At least Mark Yudof and Regent Lansing have- as their legacy: that they brought the video coverage and 1 year archive. Kind of trying to look like Minnesota and Texas, higher ed systems that archive their video permanently. Policies that develop over years and years are archived for years and years - makes some sense right?

Is this purge action the legacy Napolitano and Varner and Ruiz want to leave behind? The legacy that, under their watch (as Pres., Chair, and Vice Chair) UC Regents video archive of their meetings began to be purged.

Video is important, it has a value over just audio only. (SCOTUS debates this in a different way and there are other considerations in that forum as opposed to a public meeting)

btw, the 12:00 mark and the 3:37 mark are important sections of today's meeting it includes public comment at the 12:00 and at the 3:37 the UCSA student leader presentation- he talks about divestment from fossil fuels and re: UAW and AFSCME he asks UC Regents to bargain in good faith etc.-- Napolitano 3:42 and Speaker Perez 3:42:50 respond to his comments on the unions and current negotiations. Perez raises some 'important steps Napolitano has taken to end undue strife' in the negotiations-- during public comment several employees at med centers described intimidation tactics they endured - not sure if these are related. Interesting sections.

Anyway, if you value being able to see UC Regents meeting w/out having to attend in person - you might want to let the UC Regents know that this matters to you and you want the archive preserved and publicly available at the UC Regents website permanently -and maybe even youtube it while they are at it.
Cal Pol Issues at UCLA Fac Blog frequently archives the audio portion of meetings. Just like they did today. Time consuming, redundant, duplication of effort etc.
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climate change came up in the committee on labs and UCSA discussion w/ UC Regents today, and:
a letter he got from scientists on fracking and then consider this latest happening.

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