Monday, November 18, 2013

sounds familiar?

Make of it- what you will:

UCR Faculty Association Letter To Colleagues On UC CARE and Riverside (Hint: It Is A Lot Like Santa Barbara)
and others are trying to compile in order to find out what is going wrong...some are trying to reach deals in the midst: New Nurse Contract Said to Avert Participation in Nov. 20 Strike

Peter Taylor talked at the UC Regents meeting about the feedback he has received from UC employees on some of the above, he also talked about the difficulties he and his staff have had in putting together these arrangements, you can see his full presentation on multiple items begin at the mark 1:53:30 in this video link, where he says some are on the receiving end of some angry, profane, and even vulgar feedback --also mark 2:17:33 for comments on benefits feedback received
and 'hiring practices and age of employees' at the 2:16:02...Duckett at the 2:23:00-- out of state retirees benefits discussed too --also see 2:31:45 comments that this is the way they are gonna continue to go

the Governor calls it heartburn, different paradigms

The: 'Scurrilous' --all over again? The transparency issues all over again too?

2011 all over again?
"The outgoing Vice Chancellor sanctioned violence against students and professors in 2011 in an attempt to discourage the establishment of Occupy Cal; he appears to be filling a similar role today in sowing confusion and fear amongst faculty and graduate student employees who are considering engaging in or supporting Wednesday’s historic strike. This attempt to thwart what could be one of the largest strikes in UC history thus constitutes one of Breslauer’s last acts as Vice Chancellor. But where is our new Chancellor Nicholas Dirks in all of this?"

Is Nov 20th gonna be 'System-wide Pissed Off At UC Management' day?

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