Thursday, November 14, 2013

True Stories of UC Blue and Gold Recipients, Governor Brown's Remarks on UC Tuition

so to highlight other issues from today: look at the video from today's UC Regents meeting

at the 26:00 mark begins public comment from students who are recipients of the Blue and Gold program (a program touted as a fix for struggling students)- this section is important because it is capturing what is happening with undergrads (coverage yesterday of doctoral issues and the grad students and their union efforts)

at the 57:00 mark (after a lengthy in depth presentation on UC tuition) are the Governor's 'get real UC' remarks on tuition increases, he also mentions that unfortunately students are the default financiers of higher ed (he has said this quote before) and he throws in words to the effect of 'you can never make AFSCME happy no matter what you do'- which makes some regents howl with laughter - his comments are extensive and Napolitano responds to them.

Remaking the University: The Old State Funding Model Is Dead: What Will Replace It?

in case you aren't catching on... a critically important discussion today.

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