Tuesday, November 12, 2013

UC Regents Meeting Nov 12

UC Regent Grounds and Buildings and Compliance and Audit committee members getting an earful during public comment period from Oakland High, Oakland Tech (which Napolitano visited a week ago, her dad graduated Castlemont btw) and other public highschool students, protestors. Several UC students and alumni are saying the decision to pick Napolitano was a bad decision- they are repeatedly referencing the UC wording of the job description/ ideal attributes of UC president candidates.

Looks like the Lt Governor Gavin Newsom is attending the meeting today.
UC Pres Napolitano is also attending the meeting. (Out of her seat during public comment)

Maliq Nixon's parents and his Uncle are talking about mental health services at UC Berkeley and Tang Center. They give important details and recommendations. They also say his death did not have to happen.

A UC Employee also talking about being retaliated against during public comment.

These last three speakers are African American/Black males and - given the recent headlines on various items (Dr. Christian Head, UCLA admissions rate/Black Bruins)- listening to them address the UC Regents makes it more emotionally charged- painful, poignant.

2:40pm PST crowd breaks out at end of public comment w/ 'hey hey ho ho Napolitano has got to go'
feed cut, they will likely clear the room and resume the meeting.
2:43 Meeting back in session, you can hear the protestors chant in the hallway as they exit.
happens today and can be viewed or listened to here along with agenda items etc.

Tuesday, November 12

1:30 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (Regents only session) (pdf)
1:45 pm Committee of the Whole (public comment) (pdf)
2:05 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (open session) (pdf)
3:00 pm Committee on Grounds and Buildings (open session) (pdf)

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