Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UC Regents Meeting November 13

Gov. Brown, Lt Gov Newsom, Assembly Speaker Perez are attending today's meeting. Very good exchange on Provost and Fac Rep slides in their presentation on Doctoral study tuition, support. (Provost went from saying $2 million to $30 million quote on how to fix the problem- make tuition competitive with other AAU- that did not look so good to jump around on a number like that...) Governor and UCSF Chancellor had an exchange on whether or not UC is shooting for comparisons as ten Harvards and Perez has an exchange with Provost on internal and external interests framing, Fac Rep raises the current level of state funding of UC- very important exchange that UC really needs to have...
what is an honest, accurate realistic way to compare w/ other AAU? Pols have to be able to be included in that discussion if a leg fix is sought.
really must see this section of video when it is archived.
One of the Chancellors said professional students don't mind borrowing more to fund their education b/c they know they will make it back quickly.
Student Regent pushed back on that.
Blum recommends fundraising
Katehi asks for multiple options given to campus to resolve this.
Remaking the University has a post on the material related to this presentation- with a focus on how the humanities students are hit esp hard.

on the second Ed Policy agenda item on private donor funding-- Lt Gov Newsom asks to know where student support, financial aid is covered in the record $1.64 private donor numbers UC reached this year. Murky stuff. UCOP Dooley (who used two Chancellors w/ med centers-Katehi and Desmond Helman- in his presentation) says he will get back to Lt Gov on those numbers because for some reason they are not in the report. Dooley says he is happy to discuss it offline w/ Newsom. Lt Gov asks again "are we prioritizing student support?" Lansing tries to answer with answers and comments we've heard for years, she says the UC Regents have not figured out how to make student funding as attractive as funding for buildings and naming bldgs after donors, the UC Regents can't crack that for some reason. Newsom asks again for a report that details on donor funding that answers "what percent goes to faculty?' "what percent goes to brick and mortar?" "what percent goes to funding students?"

Regent Pattiz is now doing the presentation on the labs. He raises important immediate leadership transitions,succession planning the UC Regents need to address and contingency plans on any future govt shut down and recovery from previous govt shut downs and how it affects research and getting the best to work at the labs. His voice is urgent- he is trying to find any takers on UC Regents who will chair this committee in the near future, he also is talking about advocating for UC position in this role. Have to imagine Gov Brown is thinking about the UC Regent vacancies as this presentation goes on, and that Napolitano is still wearing her old hat from her previous job as she listens. What's gonna happen? Who knows...

there is only one more section of "open" meeting today: 3:00 pm Committee on Investments (open session, followed by closed) (pdf)
happening today and can be viewed or listened to here along with agenda items etc.

Wednesday, November 13

8:30 am Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf)
9:30 am Committee on Educational Policy (open session) (pdf)
10:30 am Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories (open session) (pdf)
10:50 am Committee on Compensation (closed session) (pdf)
11:30 am Committee on Health Services (Regents only session (pdf)
12:00 Lunch
1:00 pm Committee on Finance (Regents only session) (pdf)
2:30 pm Board (Regents only session) (pdf)

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