Monday, November 25, 2013

“We haven’t systematically and comprehensively reviewed faculty allocations, departments or fields in many years,” Deakin said. “It’s high time for faculty to exert some leadership in this area.”

see: UC Berkeley Academic Senate discusses optimizing faculty size

Panayiotis Papadopoulos, vice chair of the Academic Senate and a professor of mechanical engineering, presented data at the meeting showing a downward trend in the number of faculty since 2009 and an increase in the number of students by about 10 percent since 2004. According to Papadopoulos, there are more than 36,000 registered students on campus this semester, which he said was the largest number in the history of the campus.
“One can only succeed in finding ways to move forward if one understands first of all that the faculty are at the core of the university and secondly that academic planning is a function that, if it is not shared, will fail,” Dirks said.

yep, President Obama interrupted by former ASUC senator at immigration speech in San Francisco
Santa Barbara Independent UC President Janet Napolitano Visits UCSB
Announces Health Insurance Agreement Between UC and Sansum Clinic

Lichtenstein also reasoned Napolitano’s former high-profile position at the Department of Homeland Security and tough stance on immigration will ultimately benefit the entire university system. “[Napolitano’s] aware of the burden she carries coming to California,” Lichtenstein said. “Therefore this is the time to make a lot of demands on her.”

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  1. They seem to be ignoring the contingent faculty in order to get a very high student/faculty ratio. UC has a history of overworking and underpaying contingent faculty, with the Academic Senate rarely mentioning them. Perhaps it is time to make the "Lecturer with Security of Employment" a real title (not just a listing in the payroll lists that no one ever gets appointed to), so that the top instructors are in the Academic Senate.