Sunday, December 15, 2013

At UC: "UC is the original corporate university and it has never worked this way. The entire sector has become quite a bit more corporate over the past thirty years, and this has increasingly marginalized the Academic Senate."

Remaking the University Union Logic of the Insurance Changes- The Case of Retiree Healthcare

The word discrimination keeps coming up in comments at various posts when people talk about out of state retirees and UCSB...

Earlier noted another important part of that exchange at the UC Regents meeting- it included a section where Regent M and Duckett and Brostrom discussed the age of employees and recruitment (in this earlier post) specifically this section:
Peter Taylor talked at the UC Regents meeting about the feedback he has received from UC employees on some of the above, he also talked about the difficulties he and his staff have had in putting together these arrangements, you can see his full presentation on multiple items begin at the mark 1:53:30 in this video link, where he says some are on the receiving end of some angry, profane, and even vulgar feedback --also mark 2:17:33 for comments on benefits feedback received
and 'hiring practices and age of employees' at the 2:16:02...Duckett at the 2:23:00-- out of state retirees benefits discussed too --also see 2:31:45 comments that this is the way they are gonna continue to go

please toggle the button to the 2:15:45 mark and listen to the exchange b/ween Duckett and Regent M. It will be illuminating - on how the UC Regents approach these issues - and help to understand the Remaking post a bit more.
"If The University Were A Business, It Would Likely Be The Largest Corporation In California"-Regents Minutes (2010) -that line always highlighted here for a reason

"California Constitution Article 9 Education

SEC. 9. (a) The University of California shall constitute a public
trust, to be administered by the existing corporation known as "The
Regents of the University of California," with full powers of
organization and government, subject only to such legislative control
as may be necessary to insure the security of its funds and
compliance with the terms of the endowments of the university and
such competitive bidding procedures as may be made applicable to the
university by statute for the letting of construction contracts,
sales of real property, and purchasing of materials, goods, and
services. Said corporation shall be in form a board..."

and, so...

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