Sunday, December 15, 2013

Duncan Donuts.. or bucket lists

or somethin'
see WaPo: Duncan defends Obama’s college rating plan; Napolitano had voiced skepticism about idea

Duncan: “Does anyone think we should continue to invest $150 billion a year with no sense of outcomes? Does anyone think parents and young people have enough information today to make really thoughtful, informed choices, or that the system is as easy to navigate as it should be?”
later in the article
Duncan, asked about her remarks, said: “I think Janet’s super-smart. I have tremendous respect for her. . . . I’ll be out in California at some point. Look forward hopefully to spending some time and picking her brain on this.”
Asked whether the plan would assign a “composite” rating for a given school, Duncan said he could see pros and cons to having a composite score or to having “three or four or five buckets” for analytical purposes, with different scores for each.
Dirks said no simply no on the college rating plan
Napolitano was skeptical of it and she wants more state $ for UC
(Birgeneau was of the opinion that UC is (becoming) a fed. univ.)

so, what is it?

donut holes in higher ed - (like healthcare?)
or bucket lists?

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