Monday, December 30, 2013

favorite 2013 post

since the 'last year in review item' posted already, let's call this the fav:
When Tenure Track Faculty Take On The Problem of Adjunctification
--it was a post that started some momentum on the subject- but then all of the oxygen went out of the room and on to coverage of the announcement of Napolitano as UC pres. a few short weeks later.

"I protect your job security, you vote for me. I give your girlfriend these adjunct sections, you feel indebted to me. Hiring on the tenure track has its opportunities for patronage, of course, but there are more steps, more bureaucracy, more people involved at every stage. As a result, the kind of direct-unmediated power of boss-employee is diffused in a way that it isn’t with off-track hiring."

for both the comments and the post itself- it was a good read. raised suggestions, questions that need to be part of remaking, reclaiming, reforming.

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