Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fiat Flush--It isn't just about design

more about a feeling of disgust that
1- this marketing group for the new UCOP logo vanity project was hired with several six figure salaries at a time when UCOP was telling the state that the UC "crown jewel" was being harmed by a dire financial situation.
2-Californians were being told that cuts were not just trimming the fat but cutting into muscle/sinew/bone- that was how the faculty and leadership at some campuses described their situation.
3- Yudof said the seed corn, oh the seed corn...remember?
For those who don't remember and those in Minnesota who did not know--that was the pre prop 30 state of things for the UC campuses when UCOP decided to hire a marketing team for the new UCOP Fiat Flush logo and launch.
They chose to do that rather than address this system-wide problem regarding UC letterhead through new training, better monitoring, policy- more here.
The problem with the EXISTING letterhead/logo/the seal comes up over and over in news stories over the years. The Fiat Flush new logo does not solve that problem.
A decision that continues to makes one wonder about UCOP priorities.
An additional reason why the new logo is viewed by some as--obscene, vulgar. (Yes, others just simply don't like the design.)
At a time when some faculty, grad students, post docs were hard pressed to find funds, time to attend conferences -the Fiat Flush designers attended a conference in Minneapolis to present on their new logo-- meals, hotel, registration fees, airfare, the time they took to write their 1600 word spin etc.- all paid for by UC, no doubt. A campus-UCOP disconnect strikes again.
See SF Weekly article:
During the October AIGA gathering in Minneapolis, two of the logo's designers headlined a presentation titled "The UC Logo Controversy: How 54,000 People, the Mainstream Press and Virtually Every Designer Got it Wrong." (Incidentally, a concurrent discussion in a different room was called "A Parallel Universe of Unconventional Thinking").
"It exudes optimism and breathes vitality and purpose into the visually beleaguered university system" ... "One of the best briefs that we saw in the competition" ... "Game changer. Moved the needle. Inspirational. A smart and progressive identity program that got lost in media hysteria based on misinformation and false narrative."

They say Napolitano is looking now for areas to cut extras at UCOP...

Visually beleagured.
Prof. Reich Inequality For All talk at Commonwealth Club is posted here, listen via iTunes-- 'where's it all going?'- it runs 1 hour 8 minutes
he talks about women in labor stats, gridlock in DC, corporations are people and money is speech. The porous divide between the middle class and the poor.
Where he sees the tipping point- are we approaching it? His thoughts about Hillary Rodham (his memories of her before she became a Clinton) and his friend US Senator Elizabeth Warren. The pros and cons of estab. a strong third party. Occupy, Tea Party - populist anti estab. party - the transpartisan potential of moving into creation of a new party discussed. He also talks about Bill O'Reilly and a challenge to debate.Something for everyone in the 30+ minute talk and 30 minute Q and A.

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