Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fossil Free UC Gets A Boost

update: what is the value of a fire side chat?
see East Bay Express:UC Berkeley Energy and Climate Scientist Backs Students' Call for University to Divest from Fossil Fuel Corporations

"UC Berkeley and most institutions are financially invested in destroying our future," wrote Kammen in the Tuesday, December 3 issue of the Daily Californian. "As a faculty member who understands deeply the challenge climate change poses and the urgency with which action must be taken, I call on my fellow faculty to stand with the students of Fossil Free Cal and Fossil Free UC in calling on Chancellor Dirks, President Napolitano and the president of the Berkeley Foundation to be on the right side of history by moving our endowments away from fossil fuels and reinvesting in a sustainable future."

btw-how's that search for a UCOP Chief Investments person going?
Priceless -Inside Higher Ed has this in the comments - "Why can't our administrators ruin the American education system without high priced help? Maybe they could receive assistance from state government at lower fees?" update on U Mich Shared Services - their version of op ex

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