Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gov. Brown and Standardized Testing, more

pointed to earlier coverage from the Guardian, now WaPo picks up more: The test question that’s haunted Gov. Jerry Brown for 50 years
California Gov. Jerry Brown has been out front for some time as a strong critic of the standardized-testing obsession that has come to dominate the school reform movement. He has even refused to give in to threats by Education Secretary Arne Duncan to withhold some federal Title 1 funds — intended to help poor children receive an education — if Brown went ahead with plans to suspend most of the state’s standardized-testing program in 2014.
Using such data, Brown said, “misses the point — that learning is very individual, very personal.”

Why are reporters currently giving huge numbers/odds on a land slide for Gov. Brown's victory? and floating the idea of Anne Gust Brown as mayor of Oakland? see the predictions section in this panel discussion- it includes a Cal grad's optimistic Bears prediction- starts at the 17:30 mark:

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