Friday, December 6, 2013

Holding Off On Callin' It Propoganda, Revisionist, Myopic etc.

until after viewing it and deciding...

but a lot of the moves around it are walking, quacking, waddling, reading like it- this is the lengthy Cal PR folks piece:
Finally, campus gets to see what Wiseman saw ‘At Berkeley’

Birgeneau seems deeply invested in the documentary- doin' his junket thang again for it, there's:

Frederick Wiseman, award-winning documentary filmmaker; "At Berkeley" is his 38th documentary focusing on an institution
Robert Birgeneau, former chancellor and current professor of physics at UC Berkeley
more info here

UC Administration's right to cut scenes?! (one instance particularly involves Birgeneau's comments made about a politician in Sacramento) Birgeneau "we didn't have to exercise that very often"...

what is often? what is very often?

Birgeneau mentions his kids going to elite schools and wishing he could have chosen UC as a Californian. What stopped him? out of state tuition was reasonable even then- why does he say this?

Birgeneau mentions his great relationship with Loni Hancock too- but not this.

Birgeneau also explains why he thinks Napolitano's position of no tuition hikes is a bad thing - he details out why at around the 20:00 mark. He talks about Memorial Stadium and its funding at the 35:00. He talks about graduation rates of UC athletes at the 45:00 mark

Birgeneau claims shock that he is being asked about these things- he says these things are getting further and further away from the film. He says this when he is responding to questions about staff layoffs and Operational Excellence at the 46:00- he says they hired them (the staff) all back later.

(Wiseman's approach throughout the interview -- not pretentious enough to answer the questions about higher ed etc. but now I'll try and answer it...over and over...ugh. His responses in this interview sounds like he didn't 'know his subject'...)

at Roger Ebert Reviews site there's this

SF Chronicle


Hollywood Reporter

Inside Higher Ed

New York Times

LA Times review

Indiewire review

The New Yorker

Slant Magazine

and this reads more as an alum with a serious case of romanticized homesick-ness for the place... understandable, it happens- but 'those who were there' might see it differently- and, so 'those who were there' need to do more of this:

Frederick Wiseman’s “At Berkeley,” or, Seeing Like an Administration

Javier Panzar at Daily Cal

“At Berkeley” is in limited theatrical release and will be broadcast on PBS in January. -- waitin' 'til Jan. 13th -not payin' cash-money for it.
maybe after viewing it the word that will come to mind might be just- 'naive'.
maybe just remember jason isaacs' character, order of the phoenix -at the ministry, surrounded by phrophecy- what he says to harry before bellatrix and sirius take the scene. (ha)
Cal Millenials are doing some My Generation pieces.

-recalling F. Scott Fitzgerald's version.

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