Thursday, December 5, 2013

How its played...

Memorial Stadium naming rights on the fieldNYT BlogHobbits Come to Cal’s Football Field
It is a first of a kind deal for the university, and possibly the first time a gaming company has put its name on a college field.
Several docs in from Sacto on UC in this piece : African American caucus calls for investigation of UC and CSU treatment of underrepresented students
Did his work at UC influence this?:Bill Bratton picked by NYC progressive mayor - recall Bratton handled some of the UCD pepper aftermath, the report etc.

He is replacing Kelly, who had an experience on a Higher Ed Campus recently

that brings to mind POTUS saying about the recent SF hecklers "they can stay" at the event after this interuption
which Daily Cal Ed Board says former SF Mayor and Speaker Willie Brown apologized for...and a Cal alum still had more to say on the matter.
--a very different result that occurred a few years ago

compare and contrast, compare and contrast-

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