Sunday, December 29, 2013

more on- 'as an academic, and as a...'

Since Lessig's lecture pointed out as a 'year in review' item earlier, seems appropriate to mention- another important marker in the year: the content linked to in this earlier post -as another 'year in review' item.
academic roles-- NYT covers some of it in a different way, other patterns.
Dirks says 'no, simply no' on this other current issue regarding a call for a boycott...
noted this part of a comment located in the comments section
On the contrary, the current government is possessed of all the zeal
of Thatcher's inaugural neoliberal moment, but they want something else as
well, something distinctively British - a return to the clearly marked class
system that prevailed before the neoliberal turn, when everyone knew their
place, ‘standards’ were kept up, foreigners were kept at a distance, etc. Tory
educational policy, at both secondary and tertiary levels, only makes sense as
a deliberate effort at re-stabilizing inequality at a moment when the system is
under great threat from its own contradictions and widespread perceptions of
delegitimization after 2008. this important post - the piece itself gives a road map to understanding what is happening 'across the pond' and 'at home': Christopher Newfield on The Great University Gamble : Money, Markets, and the Future of Higher Education - The Counterreformation in Higher Education

could the London real estate bubble burst potentialities mentioned in this panel discussion:

also be a run up of the 're-stabilizing inequality' game?

and, of course, this: Immigration fears spark political firestorm in UK
Remaking the University pointed out:
KCRW: Are the Humanities in crisis?
Anthony Carnevale: Georgetown University
Heidi Tworek: Harvard University
Lee Siegel: writer and author
Gary Gutting: University of Notre Dame
(btw, would it go over more easy on some folks if the term were "income disparity" rather than "income inequality"?)

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