Sunday, December 8, 2013

Napolitano, "On Steroids", and her LA Times Interview

Janet Napolitano's first few speeches (at the UC Regents meeting and at the Commonwealth Club) included an expression she repeated multiple times (including in various tv interviews) about 'the American Dream' and how California/UC is the American Dream on steroids. True - some of the things that built UC to what it is presently are, well... like steroids.
Does she want to keep using that imagery?

Here is her interview w/ the LA Times by Larry Gordon:

Napolitano: U.S. doesn't thrive if UC doesn't thrive

it includes this:
You've allocated $5 million to help students who don't have legal immigration status. Some protesters still say they have an image of you as anti-immigrant because of your Homeland Security work. How do you respond?
I would say we are here to educate people, be they documented or undocumented. This state has a clear public policy in that regard.... I would say [their view of my] record isn't complete and is misleading by omission. There has been virtually no one who has worked harder on overall immigration reform over the past 10, 15 years than I have. And it is hard work, vote by vote.
What has surprised you the most about UC?
I really want us to have good relations with labor.... We have had too many people who have spent too much time looking at each other across [negotiating] tables instead of working together toward goals that benefit everybody…. I was surprised at how long-standing some of this has been.

-could she be referencing some of the 'steroid' stuff in that last bit?

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