Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Princeton has had eight cases since March in a relatively small student body of about 6,000. UCSB had four cases in less than a month in a student body of nearly 22,000. The Princeton cases continued even after summer break, when transmission should have been halted. In addition, Princeton was willing to foot the bill for the vaccine and the school had a process for delivering the doses in place because officials offer a flu shot clinic every year."

Update Dec 13th-- from CNN UCSB students may get access to vaccine given to Princeton students
in light of UC Care etc. goings on... reading that last bit about Princeton being willing to foot the bill was a bit unnerving.

NBC News: Worried UCSB parents demand equal access to Princeton's meningitis vaccine

and UC and Novartis comes up in it-- The bacteria behind the outbreaks at the two schools are both B strains, but with different genetic fingerprints. There’s no doubt that the vaccine, Bexsero, made by Novartis, will protect against them both, Clark said."
Yes, that gender apartheid thing at British Universities is a real thing - not a joke. (Can you imagine-- HRH Wills watching Kate walk down the catwalk at a Univ. fashion show charity event - that might never have happened?!)
KTVU news: on a proposal for Lower Sproul to be named 'Mandela Plaza' or Mandela Mezzanine? It would be fitting.
The idea of naming something in that area after Mandela has been around for a long while.
some more remembrances here - Eshleman is in the same vacinity.

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