Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reich talks more about it

he talks w/ Chris Hayes about the drones for groceries, books, everything
- the future or publicity stunt, or...
what will it do to 'community'?
that should have been a question in the 60 minutes piece, right?

facial recognition customer service more here

Tablets on Restaurant Tables Mean You’ll Never Have to Interact With Another Human Again
Riech's Inequality talk at the Commonwealth last week sold out - but audio available hopefully eventually here, so check back. His movie comes out on DVD in January (think the Wiseman doc comes out on DVD in Jan, too)
didn't see much on AIDS and UC events this week in honor of AIDS awareness. there is this outfit outta UCOP and this at UCSF. They must have done something(?) but-- no coverage?

meningitis at UC(SB) is (still) getting coverage though.

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