Monday, December 30, 2013


resolutions...maybe follow your instincts, gut
or, in the words of Ashley Judd: "what's your pig?" (see video here at C Span at the 50:00 mark)
The final 2013 year in review item, it was a good talk. Difficult, awkward, uncomfortable, funny and --very good, worthwhile, important.

Public Health Advocate and Golden Globe Nominee Ashley Judd spoke on women's reproductive health at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

Description: School of Public Health and Health Services Dean Dr. Lynn Goldman made introductory remarks and moderated a question and answer session.

It took place when Judd was rumored to be considering a run for the Senate in Kentucky, taking on the Republican Senate Minority Leader - and the content of the talk didn't receive that same level of coverage. Want to highlight it once more b/c there are alot of resources thrown in to the mix... a good exchange with students and discussion in the Q and A includes challenges faced by college and university women and men re: Title IX related matters, global health, careers in healthcare and non profit and volunteer opportunities.
and, at UC - in 2013 the above looked like this testimony from UC students toward the end of a JLAC meeting in Sacramento:

and this follow up from Daily Cal: Students, state scrutinize UC Berkeley’s sexual assault policies- UC Berkeley has altered policies prior to release of results in April

pointing out there is a long way to go...
as part of the last 'year in review item' post also see: an earlier post "the pretense of these star chambers" for more experiences, views.

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