Monday, December 2, 2013

stuck with, no ringing endorsements

Javier Panzar's piece in Daily Cal on the Wiseman's "At Berkeley"
When the documentary premieres on campus this week, it will face its harshest audience: the students, staff and faculty of the university. Many, I imagine, will be stunned by what the film leaves out. There are few moments of student life. No look at the co-ops, the residence halls, meetings of the Berkeley College Republicans or the Black Student Union.

The most we get is a series of cursory scenes of a football game and a recruiting event for the Greek system. Both are shot from afar without words.

This is by design.
Unlike his other films, which were named after the type of institution they depict, Wiseman added “at” to the title to convey that the documentary shows what he saw while at UC Berkeley.

“I didn’t want to, in any way, suggest that I got it all,” he said. “You never get it all — I didn’t want to even give a hint of a suggestion that the film was comprehensive.”

Wiseman is fair to the experience he had. But it is too bad that his experience followed the administration’s narrative at the expense of other stories.

Students, protesters settle into Napolitano presidency
Tan said the latter helped alleviate some of his concerns about her presidency, although he sees potential hitches in how the money will be distributed. Tan also said he was bothered by Napolitano’s failure to make an official visit to UC Berkeley since she took office Sept. 30.

“She’s postponed our campus visit twice already,” Tan said. “It doesn’t provide much faith for students who are already weary about her appointment and her position as UC president.”
Napolitano has stated she won’t respond to “rhetoric” from groups seeking her removal.

“At this point, it’s unrealistic to expect anyone else in the position,” Garcia said. “Whether or not she’s qualified … she is the UC president now.”
Still, UC Berkeley professor emeritus of education W. Norton Grubb said he has never seen a new president attract so much attention since he first arrived on campus as a researcher in 1973.

“It’s fruitless to protest her becoming president,” he said. “She’s not going to leave, the regents aren’t going to change their mind. The most productive thing students can do is formulate a set of policies to help immigrant (students) out.”

Changing Universities: The Higher Ed STEM Myth -- never got the hype over Blink and don't get the hype on his new stuff either but the corp media cover him and the stuff he writes in the land of the 1%...

they also were thrilled to cover getting groceries and books courtesy of drones- that story there, too.

Meet the Press (yes, lots of issues w/ who MTP has on as experts etc.)had at the 3:37 mark here: a reference to a report about ACA and how that ties in to narratives about how government can't do things right. The report has sections in it that says they are taking the private industry approach as though that is the superior approach...

public tier 1 research universities are in the mix of this battle of narratives about whether or not government can do things 'right'

- it might be good to pay attention.

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