Monday, December 2, 2013

year in review begins early

-like, now...see:
from 2 April 2013
took place at Univ. Florida -they encouraged undergrads to also attend, a center director explains why in the intro.
Lecture begins at the 13:30 mark and runs about 30 minutes.

Humanizing Conversations: Lecture
VIDEO: Privileging Science over Humanities:
How Privatization and Vocational Training in Higher Education Reinforce Social Stratification
Sheila Slaughter (University of Georgia)
In her public lecture, Professor Sheila Slaughter will discuss the rising emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and professional fields, and the many disparities this has created between these disciplines and the humanities in research universities. Among the disparities that will be discussed are: salaries, research funding, infrastructure, investment, course loads, and student numbers. In raising these issues, Professor Slaughter will speak to the ensuing deprofessionalization of the humanities. She will conclude by addressing how these trends may be changed.

(She also talks about the governing actions of trustees. Also, interesting section on trustees at privates compared to public research foundation board members; trustee positions at privates as a largest predictor of grants and contracts discussed in the middle of the talk, too.)

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