Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Democratic Deficit" at Berkeley and in UK Higher Ed

"What is privatization? Or Is Berkeley Still A Public University?"

...Yet even academic units are now actively encouraged to embrace what Breslauer describes as ‘unit level entrepreneurialism’ to generate ‘new revenue streams’ through commercial use of their assets (namely space, academic programs and online technologies). (3) It makes a difference where the money comes from when academics are encouraged to think about revenue generation and campus spaces are commercialized.

And with privatization as diversification comes not just new sources of money but the consolidation of a corporate view of the university. It is not just the ‘restructuring’ of Bain’s Operation Excellence, or the centralization and removal of staff to remote sites through Shared Services, but the creep of corporate language (of service providers, end-users, markets, unit level entrepreneurialism and customers) that leave many faculty and staff feeling alienated and mystified by who creates the conditions of work.

The mystery is that Breslauer is rightly scathing about state disinvestment in public higher education and acknowledges the corporate creep on campus but he then minimizes the damage they cause (or the need for reversing them) by suggesting that the high tuition/high aid model has made Berkeley a better public university after all.

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