Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gov. Brown and Higher Ed Budget, and Some CA Leg Proposed Fixes In Advance of State Auditor April Report on Title IX

update: LA Times Gov. Jerry Brown to propose billions in new spending

The governor will propose $1 billion more for higher education, in part to stave off the kind of tuition increases forced on students during the financial crisis. Brown will also continue prodding the University of California and California State University systems to improve graduation rates by dangling the possibility of $50 million in additional funding.

SF Chron: Dems like Jerry Brown's budget but want to spend more
There's an additional $10 billion in new spending for K-12 schools, and $2.9 billion each for California State University and University of California systems, representing 6.3 percent and 5 percent increases to keep their tuitions from increasing.

Daily Cal: Brown’s preliminary state budget out of tune with UC requests
Brown reiterated that UC, CSU and community colleges must reduce their own costs, recommending online technology and flexible curriculums as pathways to these reduced costs.

“We have to find ways of reducing the cost structure,” Brown said at the conference. “It used to be four years and free; now it’s six years and expensive.”

Patrick Lenz, the UC system’s vice president of budget and capital resources, said in a press release that the university “appreciates” the additional $142.2 million in state funding, which is in line with the governor’s funding plan that began last year.

the: full UCOP response here
Remaking the University with new post on Gov. Brown as the Iron Lady:
Actually, we do need to build upon existing infrastructure to provide educational services. The state hasn't been doing this properly, and to imply that stable funding inherently corrupts is straight-up Thatcherite right-wing ideology for which there has never been decent evidence.

Why is the Brown administration using far-right arguments to justify a failure to meet the real higher educational needs of the state? Is UCOP actually contesting this? Could somebody up there find out? The current path, and its incoherent justifications, leads onto very bleak terrain.

you can watch the Gov press conference live or archived here
just want to also point directly to this article Breslauer: UC Berkeley's Adaptation to the Crisis of Public Higher Education mentioned: here
UCLA Fac Blog on Gov budget leaks and other items
the CA State Auditor is looking into some of the issues raised in the stories below and that report will be released in April, in advance of that there's this stuff out there:

Newsweek: New California Bill Would Change Rules for Reporting Rapes on College Campuses

Daily Cal coverage

a piece in SJ Merc and more here

Daily Bruin coverage

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now they are hitting the country club circuit - and the PR ties are prominently showing

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