Sunday, January 5, 2014

Napolitano - Last Month, Posted Today

stuff she said last month, posted now by SJ Merc, see: Napolitano: UC Chief Eyes Tuition, Sports, Transfer Students

I can appreciate what the governor was saying. I used to be a governor. And what happens at budget time is everybody comes in like this (hands outstretched) with, "I need, I need, I need." You have to make really tough choices. ... I want to make sure that he is confident that what we ask for will be put to good use, will be well-spent, and that it's an investment for the long-term.

"we ought to do our best to get stability between ourselves and our represented employees."


Q: You've been back to Washington. What points are you trying to press with people there in terms of higher education policy or funding?

A: My initial visit was more of an introductory visit in my new role to say, "This is how I'm looking at things. What are you seeing?" I was asked what I thought about the proposed presidential rating system of colleges and universities, and I expressed some skepticism as to whether that would really accomplish what I think they're seeking to accomplish, so I think we've opened up that dialogue a little bit.

Q: Did you expect you would have protesters at your public appearances?

A: I heard that it would happen. Nobody knew what the topic would be, per se, but that there would be protesters, that it's part of the culture of the place. So I guess I'm getting used to it.

(That seems an attempt to diminish the issues being protested. It's 'part of the culture'...)

Q: You were saying last month that this was a point of inflection for higher education. What exactly did you mean by that?

A: I think it's time to reinvigorate the partnership between the state and higher ed and the federal government and higher ed. ... My predecessor had to make some really tough calls because the amount of aid was cut so substantially. But now it's leveled off. We have a certain stability in our budget, and we need to be thinking about "What should we be doing to ensure the University of California meets its mission over the next decades?"

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