Saturday, January 4, 2014

Napolitano on everything but UC?

her role as potential protestor at the Olympics? , now she is on MTP about Snowden and unsure what other topics they will get into w/ her.

Is she going to continue answering questions about her past admin work at that other job? Or, is she taking on UC issues fully? If it is UC-- that is a "24/7 job" according to Yudof... sometimes he said he was driven to distraction on certain issues.

Working the DC beltway or Sacto? Both?

The 'driven to distraction' on any given topic can sideline important UCOP work. There are still several prior issues to cover from her past job if she is going to continue that beltway role - if the interview questions start 'going there' it could re-prioritize many UC issues to the middle or bottom of the pile of discussion items she has to respond to...

Story on her comments about Snowden in the MTP interview to air tomorrow- will post that link here when available.
Government Accountability Project (GAP) has a different take on some of the above, here.
Schools, the 'prop 30 glow', and Gov. Brown discussed here, it includes: ""And so, when things are rolling, the governor takes a disproportionate credit for what's happened. And when things are foundering, the governor gets disproportionate blame. He deserves neither the credit nor the blame," Gerston said.

The governor's rosy rhetoric about the state's ascendency also might be out of step with the experience of many Californians. A survey by the Public Policy Institute of California released in December found that two-thirds of Californians believe the state remains in a recession and is divided between the haves and have-nots."

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