Sunday, January 5, 2014

Napolitano on Snowden, the Olympics, her old job. And UC?

updated: read nbc news coverage of their interview with her here and you can watch the Meet the Press episode with her 'exclusive interview' here later (after domestic broadcasts complete).

"partially to represent the University of California..." - and, she talks about the arc of history and how she evolved on same sex marriage, something she opposed as AZ Gov (a Charlie Crist move or different?). On Hillary Clinton, some brief positive comment on her potential candidacy.

CNN coverage on it here.

UCLA Fac Blog has the audio for her interview here and a link to a related Politico story.
Haven't enjoyed the sunday morning shows like in the old days (Russert, etc.)
and can't get excited about the panelists like those on this morning's MTP
Long ago began to check out: this coverage- for a laugh,, for acknowledgment of 'outside the beltway' folks/sensibilities, and for incisiveness...
A few weeks back, this sentence: "(Maybe that's why there's no "Meet The Press" today? Their brains got hurted?)"
-a giggle. Now, don't have that either- sad to see it go as a featured HuffPo column.

Apparently, others feel similarly.
This: "WME’s Ari Emanuel has been making a serious pitch for his clients,"... "co-hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” to take over, several sources said." - oh, geeeez (whaddabout Rachel, Ezra?).
and this: "Meanwhile, NBC’s Washington bureau is cutting staff."
(cutting the folks who actually cover DC or just the ones who are part of the cocktail party circuit crowd?)
Part of the problem.

but, update, there is: this at HuffPo
and, Calbuzz w/ this piece: Remembering Susan Rasky.

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