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No 'IRB', UCD?

as in IRB approval?--see: UC Davis Whistleblower Case About to Go to Trial After More than Four Years

Ms. Keyzer alleges that she was retaliated against and ultimately terminated because she complained to her supervisor and the UC Davis Institutional Review Board (“IRB”) that the COPE project management did not comply with the IRB approval process before implementing human subject research activities.

Ms. Keyzer observed that the COPE project was not in compliance with standard research requirements involving human subjects. Team members also violated laws regarding confidential medical records and protected health information. Ms. Keyzer wrote and spoke with her supervisor on multiple occasions about the improprieties she witnessed. In response, the team was directed to destroy their paperwork and “trust” those in charge. On her own, Ms. Keyzer contacted UCD’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), which regulates all campus research involving human subjects. Ms. Keyzer learned that the COPE project had not received the mandatory IRB review and approval. Ms. Keyzer filed a complaint, which triggered an IRB investigation and hearing at which she was invited to speak.

-there's mention of UCSF in the story as well...
earlier: Whistleblower at UC Davis Fired Allegedly For Reporting IRB Non-Compliance and Ethical Violations
by: David Greenwald September 24, 2009

more detail here from The Aggie archives
POGO has this new piece: FDA Surveillance Threatened Whistleblowers

"Additionally, UC Irvine reportedly recovered some rights to patents and associated royalties that were uncovered during the university's internal investigation, which dated to 2009. Details about any inappropriate transfer of technology weren’t available, because they were part of a confidential settlement "

see Rex Dalton's coverage:
Former UCI Scientist Pleads Guilty to Conflict of Interest
and ...
Also see: the side links to: "Controversial Legal Defense Expected for UCI Ex-Professor"
A former UC Irvine engineering professor, charged with multiple felonies for conflicts of interest involving up to $700,000 in payments from industry, is expected to argue he is exempt from prosecution because the UC system is a sovereign entity.
The seldom-seen legal tactic, which UC-funded lawyers also are using in a similar felony case involving a UCLA professor, has disturbed prosecutors and shows the extent to which one of the world’s most prestigious public university systems will go to defend its realm.

and "Spokespeople or attorneys for UC Irvine and the professors would not comment.
But a UCLA spokesman issued a statement defending the university’s internal policies, calling them “robust mechanisms to manage conflicts.”

and "A UC Irvine spokeswoman would not say whether the university is paying Yamamoto's fees."

and: recall this important piece: Dalton wrote about it extensively in this piece earlier.

At one point UC attorneys argued to prosecutors that a 2002 law — designed to protect selection of professors from political tampering — exempted teaching professors from prosecution for conflict of interest charges. Prosecutors rejected this argument.

AP : Ex-UC Irvine prof took research money from Japan

Thursday, February 27, 2014

$3.13 Billion

see: UC Berkeley raises $3.13 billion from more than 281,000 donors
UC-Berkeley Faces New Complaints That It Failed Sexual Assault Survivors

Two former students involved in this week's filing were responsible for a Title IX complaint filed against the university in 1979. In Wednesday's complaint they say they find the current handling of sexual violence at Cal to be "strikingly similar to those [concerns] that motivated our own Title IX complaint decades ago."
-- lots of add'l background provided in the piece.
and Daily Cal: DOE on a student data privacy tool
“At this stage of my life, I can say — without any hesitation — that I am prepared and excited to tackle these challenges and the many others that lay before us. In fact, there is nothing I would rather do,” he said in the statement. “By the grace of God and habits of perseverance instilled in me by my family, the Dominican nuns and the Jesuits, I am here and ready to go.” Brown Seeks Fourth Term As Governor In California - is that the tone he takes in approaching UC challenges?

Either Jerry Brown or Neel Kashkari as the next President of the UC Regents - those are the only options for California?
more from Kashkari:
One reform might be to change the funding formula so that state universities and colleges aren't paid per student, but based on the efficiency of getting those students through to graduation, he said.

Kashkari said another idea might be to put more class content online to make it more accessible, while cutting costs.

"While this proposed settlement includes compromise on both sides, it honors the contributions that career service workers make to this institution, as well as UC’s responsibility to build ladders to the middle class,” AFSCME 3299 President Kathryn Lybarger said in a statement issued Thursday morning. “Our members are deeply grateful to the thousands of students, faculty, colleagues, elected officials, and everyday taxpayers who have stood with us, and stood for the principles of fairness and dignity that bind every member of the UC community.” LAT: Strike averted with contract settlement at UC

paid and unpaid internships at UC

awkward. confusing.

University Diaries: How Awkward for Berkeley. How Awkward for Senator Feinstein.

...Shades of Yeshiva University under the management of Bernie Madoff and Ezra Merkin! … Well, that university investment strategy ended badly, and I think Berkeley’s is about to come to grief too… But … look. You don’t need to be Thomas Frank to be sickened by the cynicism of America’s greatest public university getting rich off the backs of America’s most vulnerable student population…

Especially since it’s not only Berkeley. There’s Columbia University, already famous for its business dean’s starring performance in Inside Job. Columbia’s president, Lee Bollinger, sits on the board of the company that owns Kaplan. Students there were so disgusted by this that they started a petition calling for him to leave the board. The language of their petition pithily summarized the American for-profit ed business model:
read the post in full here.
UD points to the Daily Planet piece - if you click the Blum tab above --there's more.
Didn't the Governor just reappoint some UC Regents...???

Will Dirks feel some sensitivity in his Columbia being described that way? Does he see it that way? Does he see it differently, how?

Didn't Madoff recently call out JP Morgan?. Isn't some UCOP leadership from JP Morgan?- do they have thoughts on this latest? What to believe?

Also, in the Frank piece UD points to-- Robert Reich, Brad De Long and Berkeley lectures come up in that article.
This story in HuffPo is hard to follow: Racial Tensions Grow At UCLA Law After Black Student Receives Hate Mail
- are there softball teams headed up by profs at UCLA law?
- the picture accompanying the story is not explained, given context.

Prop 209 happened in November 1996 and UCLA is just now catching up to it?
My Brothers Keeper
yep, once again there is a UC Regents meeting today on investments.
need a minute?--Ship of Fools.

Meeting Today - UC Regents Committee On Investments

see: updated agenda items and access info available: here

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Updated - Cal's Dirks on Title IX, Napolitano On Arizona's SB 1062

"An additional 22 students joined the nine original students in filing a new Clery complaint Wednesday."
see: Students file complaints against UC Berkeley for allegedly mishandling sexual assault cases
Original post:
see: Chancellor Dirks issues an update on sexual assault prevention, response
By Public Affairs, UC Berkeley

staff and faculty mentioned, sorta- resources geared to students not equally to staff and faculty
leaves the outreach looking incomplete, one-track, murky...cloudy.

IHE on Title IX -- if you wanna get real in the weeds.
The Nation on Napolitano
Napolitano on Arizona's SB 1062, and the current Governor. No quote from her in that piece on her own 'evolution'- how she once opposed marriage equality/same sex marriage -- and no quote in it on UC.
The Gov made an appointment to WICHE--what is WICHE you might ask...

Lives On Hold, Slowing Economic Recovery

Ronan Farrow asks "Ladies and Gents" (love it!) to contribute: Student loan debt: What’s your story?
Activist Alexis Goldstein joins to bring attention to the staggering volume of student loan debt affecting young people across the country. See:

and: earlier on it with regard to UC -here
Can't help it: Fly Me to the Moon, Luck be a lady, My Way, NY, NY- All The Way-...pick one, you can't. Love it all.

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TPP and UC? $2 Million for Graduation? and other items.

as in:
TPP-- Trans Pacific Partnership-- and UC

the TPP is currently at an important juncture in negotiations
--trying to find some UC posts on it by UC academics or even admin--but can only find
this ol' stuff from Berkeley Law

and the fact that UCSD hosted some of the talks in 2012 more on that from UCSD here

remember Napolitano: What is UC’s role in the growing trans-Pacific partnership?

"The first thing I’m going to do is take an inventory of where we do have relationships … and identify areas of the world that would be key partners potentially with the University of California. And given that we’re on the Pacific Coast, it makes ultimate sense that we would look toward Asia in that regard. We also ought to look south, to Mexico, Central America and South America. There’s a whole host of issues about international relations that can be led out of the office of the president."
see that inteview: here

and there's this non UC article.
but where's the current stuff from UC about it?
"As of Monday, 1,600 students and parents signed a petition admonishing UCI administrators for not alerting them of plans to hold a mass commencement ceremony at Angel Stadium of Anaheim at a cost of about $2 million."

see OC Reg: With or without Obama, UCI students frustrated by graduation plan
More than 1,600 people sign a petition questioning the school’s move to turn commencement ceremonies into a single, five-hour event in Angel Stadium.
“We’re hoping that with the right words and the right effort we can get the smaller ceremonies reinstated.”

and make clear where the $2 Million comes from...hopefully- some UC acad depts, programs, etc. could really use $2 mil to keep going-- so, it would be good to explain.
other round up:
measles in a recent UC story, now meningitis vaccinations at UC
and some at UCSF trying to figure out a polio-like-maybe-virus in CA --WTH?!!

and a troubling story out of UCSB that gives all of the Title IX activism this year even more meaning.

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"Swapping Our Futures" - revisited

The Swapping Our Futures title comes from a public sociology paper based on UC Berkeley grad student research-here is the link ..
ok, so...
Today in the news-- San Jose Mercury News carries an Associated Press piece: Risky Deals Costing University of Calif. Millions

The financially strapped University of California system is losing about $6 million each year due to risky bets on interest rates under deals pushed by Wall Street banks.
The Orange County Register reported ( that the UC system already has lost tens of millions of dollars on complex contracts known as interest-rate swaps.
The newspaper reported that schools in the system could lose as much as $136 million over the next 34 years. Future losses would be reduced only if interest rates rise.

The losses come as UC administrators have sharply increased tuition and fees in recent years, angering many students who say they are being priced out of a public education.

The university system's chief financial officer, Peter Taylor, told the newspaper he is confident interest rates will increase, reversing the losses. "We have a long-term view," he said.

Taylor was a top banker at Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. when in 2007 the now-defunct bank sold interest-rate swaps to the University of California, Los Angeles. Since the university system hired Taylor in 2009, he has signed other contracts when he judges they will save money over the cost of traditional debt, the newspaper reported.

and the OC Register piece- 4 page piece, so click- by Melody Petersen: UC lost millions on interest-rate bets
University accountants estimate the 10-campus system will lose as much as $136 million over the next 34 years on complex contracts.

includes this: Michael Greenberger, a law professor at the University of Maryland and an expert in derivatives, said most public officials agreeing to enter the swap agreements don't understand the risks. The agreements include boilerplate terms, he said, that protect the banks' interests.
“It's a total nightmare,” he said, “and you can't get out of it.”

Questions about the swaps, including by Governor Jerry Brown, came up at a Regents meeting in late 2012 after a group of doctorate students from Berkeley wrote a paper about the losses. Taylor told the board that the students’ paper was wrong. The university has been careful with its debt program, he said, and has not taken imprudent risks.

Lehman Bros comes up in the piece and Di Fi and Blum - but there is no mention of something that Taylor mentioned at a UC Regents meeting a while back- during a presentation he made at the March 2013 UC Regents meeting, it was mentioned that Taylor sits on the Municipal Securities Rule Making Board, but that does not come up in this current piece so not sure if he still does. The video for the March 2013 video is no longer accessible here - you might try finding an audio clip from that meeting at UCLA Fac Blog, good luck. okay so it looks like Cal Pol Issues was checking into that May 2013

and here one section of the March 2013 meeting:

FOUND IT!- Listen to the 46:30 mark here:

and another: - could be in the comm. on finance section at 11am -- pointed to it in this post

the other story that broke this week:
Center For Investigative Reporting: UC endowment has worst investment returns among largest US college funds

reminder: the UC Regents Investments Committee meets on February 27th

and there's the UC-Hellman along w/ the Hellman-Lehman history that goes back, too (btw Cal got some nice artwork recently)

On Internships and Tuition

catch Minding the Workplace on an event at Yale: “Rebellious Lawyering” Conference: Discussing Origins and Meaning of the Intern Rights Movement

and Meranze at Remaking the University on: Is Higher Ed Privatization Helping To Destroy The Economic Future?

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“Open Access, Cooperation, and Commons: The (Uncertain) Retreat of Possessive Individualism in Networked Society” - UCD Talk 2014

Yochai Benkler, Berkman Professor of Entrepreneurial Legal Studies, Harvard Law School

From: February 13, 2014

other talks and background, presentation docs available here as part of the series.

“Faculty Labor Markets: Structural Challenges and Cyclical Shocks” -June '13

“Faculty Labor Markets: Structural Challenges and Cyclical Shocks”
Sarah Turner, Professor of Economics and Education, University of Virginia

June 5, 2013, background presentation documents available here

“Contested Politics of Knowledge in the Public University” -March 2013

“Contested Politics of Knowledge in the Public University”

Nancy Cantor, Chancellor and President, Syracuse University

George Lipsitz, Professor of Sociology and Black Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

Ken Reardon, Professor and Director, City and Regional Planning graduate program, University of Memphis

From March 7, 2013

the Direct Link to the talk is available: here.

(tech issues w/ trying to embed these talks, so links instead.)

more presentation documents and background documents available here

Public Land Grant Universities -UCD Feb. 2013

“Making the 'People's University': Exploring the Civic Mission of Public Land Grant Universities and Cooperative Extension”
Lawrence Busch, University Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Co-Director, Center for the Study of Standards in Society, Michigan State University. Presentation title: “Land Grant Universities: Market Good or Civic Good?”

Rose Hayden-Smith, Strategic Initiative Leader, Sustainable Food Systems; 4-H Youth, Family and Community Development Advisor; and Food and Society Policy Fellow, University of California Cooperative Extension, Ventura County. Presentation title: “Growing Community: 100 Years of Extension Work in California Gardens”

James Lapsley, Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Viticulture and Enology, UC Davis, and Chair, Department of Science, Agriculture and Natural Resources, UC Davis Extension. Presentation title: “We Are Both Hosts: Napa Valley, UC Davis, and the Search for Quality”

Scott J. Peters, Professor of Cultural Foundations of Education and Co-Director of Imagining America, Syracuse University. Presentation title: “Extension Reconsidered”

From February 22, 2013, more background presentation documents available here.

The four featured presentations begin at the following times: Scott J. Peters (17:55); Rose Hayden-Smith (1:22:45); James Lapsley (1:47:45), and Lawrence Busch (2:19:50)

“The Past and Future of the Innovative University” - UCD 2013


“The Past and Future of the Innovative University”
Roger Geiger, Professor of Higher Education, The Pennsylvania State University
From February 8, 2013

more background presentation docs available here

Universities In Crisis: A Global Perspective - Oct 2012 UCD

“Universities in Crisis: A Global Perspective”
Michael Burawoy, Professor of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley
Forum: October 12, 2012,

Michael Burawoy has been a participant observer of industrial workplaces in four countries: Zambia, United States, Hungary, and Russia. Over the course of four decades of research and teaching, he developed the extended case method that allows broad conclusions to be drawn from ethnographic research. No longer able to work in factories, recently he turned to the study of his own workplace—the university. Professor Burawoy is the author or editor of 12 books and more than 120 articles in international journals. He has presented his research in more than 40 nations. In 2003-04, he was the president of the American Sociological Association and is the current president of the International Sociological Association. His recent work has been on the crisis of the public university and the role of sociology in public debate. more background and presentation documents available here

Prop 13, Tuition, Funding, more - A Seminar At UC Davis 2012

Wanna give some of these talks their own post space. You can view presentation documents and additional background here
This from February 2012:
"UC Davis 101: An Open Seminar for UC Davis Students, Faculty & Staff"
Cristina González, Professor, School of Education and Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UC Davis -- View Presentation Document
Michal Kurlaender, Associate Professor, School of Education, UC Davis --
Kelly Ratliff, Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget Resource Management, UC Davis
Tom Timar, Professor, School of Education, UC Davis

What is Proposition 13; what are its implications for higher education funding?
How does UC function as a state agency? Learn about the roles and responsibilities for UC governance and budget of the President, Chancellors, Governor, Legislature, and others.
What is the history of tuition at UC, and how does UC tuition compare with other public higher education institutions?
Where does the funding for UC Davis come from, and how is it spent?
Sponsored by the UC Davis School of Education and the Education Graduate Student Association.

and see:"Universities Cannot Escape History, But Can They Make It?" Cristina González, Professor of Spanish and Education, UC Davis from 2012 Reflecting on Clark Kerr’s The Uses of the University, Professor González argues that universities must try to be an uplifting agent in this time of crisis. She further maintains that, since administrations now are focused almost exclusively on coping, it is up to faculties to lead. González’ talk is part of the UC Davis Humanities Institute’s ongoing series Conversations in the Humanities more info here

"The reason I brought up the Cal player is this: We all have sickle cell players. "

See the Sports Illustrated article:
The reason I brought up the Cal player is this: We all have sickle cell players. To me, it's the most scary individual thing we face. There are no signs. There are no indicators. You test every one of your players when they come in. And there are players who come in that have no idea they have it. Then you've got to call the parents, sit the kid down and talk to them what it means -- what the possibilities of things happening are. It's a scary deal. But you contact the mom and dad and you tell them, listen,

Those comments met with UC admin... outrage -and comments about who controls football- is all of that tactical, too? In light of other headlines on college athlete literacy, grad rates, stadium costs, and how race plays in...

A dream of a players association/union for college athletes floats around?

sickle cell,health disparities, college athletes
20+ million dollar college coach compensation packages
what would Pre-Med Ted have to say about it?
we will never get to know
can't the memorials be held first?
maybe -for now- just say - Rest In Peace.

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Somewhat Different From The Blue and Gold Plan

there's this:
San Francisco Strip Clubs Recruit College Students In Campus Newspaper Ad
That's a new take on some other (related?) ads that go wwwaayyy back.
Back when it was low fee/no tuition-- the cost of living in Berkeley still/always-- high. The ads for (more lucrative) egg donations -frequently find them at Daily Bruin, too. This archive piece recalls 'frozen treasure' donations.

(btw are the ads mentioned in the HuffPo piece also geared to male students -or, only female students? Multiple revenue streams to pay for college -not necessarily for all?)

$$$$$ that doesn't go to pay for college: can go to plastic surgery? (DC stopped running that after the student op ed - or, they moved/go unnoticed. That ad seemed to be directed at female students as well.)

The messages being sent...

Focus on the ads- or read the content.

Like this latest:
where Chancellor Dirks comments on the embargoed/unreleased campus climate survey results and undergraduate education. He has a task force. He also mentions creating a “Master Plan for the 21st Century”; and tries -like previous Chancellors- to present 'outreach to Europe and Asia' as something 'new'. Rare to see Chancellors at Cal talk in those terms about collaborations with Africa, Central or South America b/c of-why?- money?, risk? interests?
"And, I am well aware that you, UC Berkeley’s students, by virtue of recent tuition hikes, have become the leading revenue source for the campus. Despite our sustained commitment to financial aid for low- and middle-income students, the burdens of funding education have steadily shifted from public to private sources."
UC Davis : The Future of the Public University -see details and video of previous talks available: here at this link.

At the top of the list is a presentation outta Harvard's "Entrepreneurial Legal Studies".
“Open Access, Cooperation, and Commons: The (Uncertain) Retreat of Possessive Individualism in Networked Society”
Yochai Benkler, Berkman Professor of Entrepreneurial Legal Studies, Harvard Law School

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Napolitano Sends A Letter To Daily Cal...a bit miffed.

see: About My Visit To UC Berkeley’s Campus - she offers web chats and email for interaction and calls out some perceived student hypocrisy...

but the DC Ed Board has moved on to a persistent problem (the reason the senior admin wanted Wiseman's camera filming them in front of conference phones on this sort of thing- 'for appearance' etc.): "UC Berkeley administrators’ shortcomings, which unnecessarily protracted the amount of time students were left trapped, panicked or confused, resulted from communication failure.

By now, administrators’ communication breakdowns have become a crisis staple." see: Again Campus Falls Short- The campus’s failures responding to the Sept. 30 explosion, detailed in a recent report, suggest a recurring problem.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Mora will earn $21 million over the next six seasons and could receive an additional $930,000 in performance bonuses annually."

see LA Times: and He will earn $3.25 million in base pay and talent fee for the 2014 season.
UCLA reworked Mora’s contract after Washington reached out to him about its coaching vacancy. He is signed through the 2019 season.

"worked out in December"

UC Faces A Five Day Strike In March?

see LA Times: Union Calls For Five-Day Strike Next Month At UC

Unless a contract with UC is settled before March 3, AFSCME Local 3299 said its 8,300 food workers, custodians, gardeners and other service workers at UC’s 10 campuses and five medical centers would walk out for those five days next month. The union’s 13,000 patient care technical workers, such as respiratory therapists, would strike in sympathy, according to a union statement issued Thursday.

Daily Cal: Service and patient-care worker union announce 5-day strike "Previously, Klein said calling a strike would cost the university enough money to put the offer in jeopardy.

The university expects the coming strike to cost $10 million a day, a total of $50 million, according to Klein. This estimate is based on AFSCME’s previous one- and two-day strikes in May and November of last year, which Klein said cost the university a total of $30 million.

“The distance that separates the university and the service unit is much less than the cost of a strike,” Stenhouse said. “The ball is in the university’s court.”

The Details On UC Endowment Poor Performance Over The Last Decade

see Center For Investigative Reporting:
UC endowment has worst investment returns among largest US college funds

From the 2004 through 2013 fiscal years, the investment payout for the UC endowment ranked last among the 10 U.S. universities with the largest endowment funds.

is this a legit reason?:
Berggren and other officials also complained that some top-tier private venture capital funds refused to allow the university to invest, fearing that proprietary information would be disclosed via the state’s Public Records Act.
also see:

one and the same

Jacobs at UC Berkeley:

UC Berkeley receives $20 million for design innovation center
on Jacobs hall: Designs for new Northside engineering building raises community concern

Entrepreneurial Academic Freedom...

the hot new term to be used in higher ed? The immediate last post led to reminders of some other history-a wikipedia page helps (yes,- get over it)
see this section:

a dean responded to a dispute between two professors by telling one not to publish or speak out about the other's research. And that order, the committee concluded, violated basic principles of academic freedom.
It points to these news stories:

Inside Higher Ed:
Are Administrators Trying To Involve Themselves In Faculty Disputes?

and, a UCSD Guardian piece:
Social Sciences Dean Bans Professor’s Manuscript, Violates Academic Freedom

“We were flabbergasted and couldn’t believe that any dean could have written such a thing,” CAF Committee Member and associate professor of history Sarah Schneewind said.

Biernacki has been a State of California Whistleblower since 2007, which means he can disclose information to law and government agencies about his place of work with reasonable cause.

“The dean’s astonishing attacks on me as a State of California Whistleblower raise grave legal issues,” Biernacki said.

According to Schneewind, Elmer wrote the letter with approval from faculty and administration above him, and with the assistance of lawyers that work for UCSD.

“That all did not bode well for the future of academic freedom at the university,” Schneewind said.

Academic Senate Chair Frank Powell drafted a resolution denouncing the dean’s actions, which passed 25-4 at the May 24 meeting, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

more Wikipedia:
The Committee on Academic Freedom of the UC San Diego Academic Senate investigated a 2009 letter sent by Elman to a professor in the Sociology Department regarding an academic dispute with a colleague. In it Elman ordered him not to publish criticism of his colleague, saying it "may damage the reputation of a colleague" and result in "written censure, reduction in salary, demotion, suspension, or dismissal."[4] On May 25, 2011, after hearing a report from the committee, the University of California San Diego Representative Assembly of the faculty senate "expressed 'grave concern' about what it deems a violation of academic freedom and called on the administration to acknowledge and correct the situation". This matter was discussed in higher education media and San Diego newspapers [5][6] as well as the UCSD campus paper In 2012, the UCSD administration agreed to comply with the Representative Assembly's request and issued a statement accepting responsibility for poor handling of the situation. As part of the resolution of the incident, the campus administration also agreed to hold several campus events to better educate the campus administration and faculty about the principle of academic freedom (the first event was held in May, 2012.)

UT San Diego: Did UCSD Breach Professor's Academic Freedom?

The FIRE: Faculty Committee Issues Stinging Report on Academic Freedom Violations at UC San Diego

and this:

there is no mention of Randall Duke Cunningham connections in Wikipedia here-on 'Duke' see this- but it is covered in this piece though:
He continued to draw a salary from Cunningham’s office as well as his military pay. A counter-intelligence operative, the young Marine found himself in a firefight, for which he received a commendation for valor. Eight months later he was back, safe and sound, behind a desk in Cunningham’s San Diego office.

along with this fascinating history on a UC Berkeley alum:
Verlyn Lowell Fletcher, Randy Fletcher’s father and Nathan’s grandfather, was a fabled Nevada political functionary. A 1937 graduate of the University of California at Berkeley,

and, in another section of the article, a reference to Bob Dylan in it:
In November 2002, still the party’s political director, Fletcher was back on the campaign trail with Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon. A reporter for the OC Weekly was with him and another Simon advance man at a rally in Santa Monica when Bob Dylan’s 1966 “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” came over the loudspeaker. Hearing the lyrics “Everybody must get stoned,” Fletcher snapped, “Dude! Fast-forward through this song right now!”

-that article is a wild read...
profs 'of practice' and rate my prof mentioned by some as the scorecard- and, um, laundry references. the whole thing is wild. see this on hunches about the SD city school system tie in...wild.
also: UC will shift an ever-higher proportion of its daily energy to what UC Berkeley EVC George Breslauer calls "unit-level entrepreneurialism, in the article that was the subject of Tuesday's Remaking post, EVC Breslauer is entirely right that this is what the austerity university is doing and will do: break down the campus into units, break down unit into discreet activities, and then charge a toll for each of the activities that can possible bear one. mentioned here earlier.
sigh, a rainy day would be lovely 'bout now.
btw things are gettin' all... religious --Gov. Brown said at a UC Regents meeting that Academic Freedom was that space 'where angels fear to tread', and then the UC development officers call donors 'angels'. And GAP has a piece on it and, yes, Snowden as Rector...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Practicing What? At UCSD

Dean in UCSD money "laundering" case to step down-
Email discussed using mayoral candidate Fletcher to raise cash from billionaire Jacobs

and keep in mind: "Dr. Jeffrey Elman has announced his intention to conclude his tenure as Dean of the Division of Social Sciences, effective June 30, 2014, to devote his full attention to teaching, research and service as a Distinguished Professor in the UC San Diego Department of Cognitive Science."

also see this and this for more background.
Unfortunately in this next story--this headline and it includes former NYC Mayor Bloomberg in the piece too: Jerry Brown's Fletcher endorsement a Prop 30 payoff? Democratic governor enters San Diego's mayoral fray by backing candidate of his billionaire political angel Irwin Jacobs
"Last year, New York's mayor Mike Bloomberg reached a supportive hand across the continent to San Diego, endorsing assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, a newly independent candidate for mayor who had just quit the Republican Party.

Political observers in the know pointed to a multi-billion dollar deal between Bloomberg and San Diego's richest man,"

and this: Then there was the case of the threatening letter from lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom to California historic preservation chief Milford Wayne Donaldson, warning him not to get in the way of a radical Balboa Park makeover sponsored by Jacobs.

and this earlier as part of the story too,
UCSD conceals Fletcher's reason for graduating five years late
Studied at California Baptist University 1995-2000, got diploma in 2005

UCSD didn't get Fletcher transcript either "San Diego mayoral hopeful Nathan Fletcher, the only major candidate not to release his college transcripts as part of the campaign, also did not submit them as part of his application to be a professor at the University of California San Diego.

The university did not require such documentation, and in fact did not seek third-party recommendations before Fletcher went to work in January,"
Also note that at Berkeley the Clark Kerr Award went to the former UCSD Chancellor -that got coverage,-- without much discussion of the racial tensions esp. in her last years in office- now...
Controversial "diversity" officer out at UCSD

Wisconsin comes up in that piece and in case you missed it-it also comes up in this Fletcher piece too.
UCLA Fac Blog on Faculty Strike at University of Illinois Chicago


Changing Universities: Understanding Financial Aid in the UC and Beyond - We can fix this den of iniquity called Higher Ed for $195 billion? Do it.
and this Daily Cal article on Regent Kieffer visit to UC Berkeley, he gets musical and also gives an interview
including comments on tuition: "We are working with the governor’s office and the Department of Finance to try to create a long-term plan where we increase a small percentage every year. It’s disappointing we have to do that, but we have to do that, and that’s been the case since 1960-something when I first was protesting (as an undergraduate) against tuition increases, which were miniscule at the time — so a long-term, stable (tuition plan) so people get a feeling of what their commitment is going to be from the very beginning. At the same time we will continue with our financial aid."

the theater of public comment at UC Regents meetings

and on Napolitano: "When we talk about students’ concerns, this is a small group of students who are extremely concerned. It’s not all students. When I’ve been on campuses, I have found that the majority of students are comfortable with the new president, but there are a significant number of students who remain uncomfortable, and I understand where they are coming from. I think the president has got to deal with that and overcome it. She is our president. She is not going to leave. We are not going to ask her to leave. I have great confidence in her. I think the students who are extremely concerned and upset about it have their reasons and have to decide how to go about these issues. My own personal point of view is that, at a certain point, it’s counterproductive. It will turn a significant number of people in the middle of the immigration debate against the kind of reforms that I would like to see take place … But it’s not for me to tell them how to make their case, so I presume they’ll continue to do what they think is right."

Finding Flavor...

see Remaking the University Post: Can A Faculty Strike Break a Legislative Loop? "Our research is also tied to our instruction, and is not a separate activity in which undergraduates have no role to play. Were they separate, UC students should save half of their tuition by going to Cal State."
"and where tuition hikes can and should be capped by the basic facts that public college students are poorer and more diverse and more indebted (and arguably more interesting, worldly, and engaged) than ever. This means that we all have to make the teaching and the research case in interconnected ways and at the same time."
a flashback... in this case a talk from a few years ago- it includes a good panel discussion at around the 1:00:00 mark on funding for higher ed, 'egalitarianism' clarifications, affirmative action etc.:

a Univ. Washington talk that includes panel w/ Susan Jeffords, VC- Acad. Affairs at UW-Bothwell, and *UCSD alum* Asst. Prof. Chandan Reddy at UW-Seattle - direct link available here

a certain word grouping prompted by this article: Steyer, Farallon Cap.,Climate Change, Higher Ed... Research
remember Governor Brown's admonitions to that pension board?

now: Calif. Pension Board To Consider Rate Increases

see:Jerry Brown, Pension Board At Odds Over Reforms

is that the reason why: Jerry Brown To Skip Meeting of Governors in Washington?
Neutrinos where? Minnesota? South Dakota? Largest research experiment ever? Hardly any press.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Samuels On Tuition, more

Changing Universities' and UC's Bob Samuels interview, see: How To Make Higher Education Free Without New Taxes Or More Government Spending

and this section more particularly covers faculty jobs, worker exploitation- how universities are relying on the exploitation of part time workers and the impact on students, instruction:

you can read more at his blog Changing Universities

City College of San Francisco's special trustee abruptly quashed a resolution last week that would have handed big raises to administrators, saying, "It was never the intent that any administrator was to receive a salary increase." Yet the college's three vice chancellors, all recently hired, are being paid 10 to 13 percent more than the salaries posted for those jobs, records obtained by The Chronicle show.
see the SF Chron article: here.

and on the second page of that article, note:
While they aren't defending their handling of the executive pay issue, they said through Kamer, the spokesman, that the size of the vice chancellors' paychecks is actually a good thing.

When the accrediting commission evaluated City College in 2012, it found that the school had pared administrators down to skeletal levels and that many were doing two or three jobs. The commission and a group of independent financial analysts told City College it needed permanent and effective leaders.

"It says a great deal about the future of City College that we can attract top talent" like the three vice chancellors, Kamer said. "Given City College's current circumstances, we could not have attracted such talent under the old salary ranges."

Friday, February 14, 2014

UC Regents Meeting: Committee on Investments, February 27, 2014

see: notice of meeting agenda items here


UC union authorizes what could be third strike in a year

Dirks' Body Language --and ‘Did I get bought by the UC system?’, and Perkins

his facial expression and body language in the photo accompanying this Daily Cal story - wonder what it was in response to?
“In part, this was also a very triggering experience for many undocumented students, seeing that the person that was responsible for the deportation of their families is sitting right next to them,” Tan told Napolitano. “And I could say right here as well that this is a very triggering experience … Even with the $5 million allocation, people have questioned, ‘Did I get bought by the UC system?’ ”

After most of the undergraduates in the room had spoken, Putri Rahmaputri — a member of an undocumented student coalition that has been meeting with the UC Office of the President about Napolitano’s $5 million allocation — lambasted the meeting’s relatively private nature.

“Out there, outside of this building, outside of this room, is the real UC Berkeley culture,” Rahmaputri said before asking the other students to stand up. “This is not the real meeting, the real getting-to-know UC Berkeley students.”

In the piece- they make a point to contrast undergrad and grad students meetings --It points once again to good reasons why there should be representation of student regent positions for each level- undergrad,grad, professional. Maybe the Governor could work on that as a good will gesture since so many are disappointed with the UC Regent appointment process for the full 12 year term UC Regent positions?

Napolitano brought it up too:
Napolitano later told them. “The plain fact of the matter is, I’m here. I don’t choose the selection method; I don’t choose the Board of Regents. But I do choose with my life and my talents to lead this great university, and I think this university is a gem among all the states. And we ought to be thinking about things we can do together.”
(the all caps block lettering is their formatting)

h/t UD on that
UD also has this funny post
on a guy who made a UC Regent!- Why not?! Go all in- still three spots. What's the difference? Make Carly a UC Regent, too. They can re-enact HP board meetings from the past. Then, add in Meg for the third slot and she and JB can do those old election debates.

Just think... it could have led to UC Regent meetings held-- instead of Mission Bay -- On The Bay, on this- here:

yep: 'he wants everyone to see it.' (Under the GG before he sold it)

If you want to watch the SF Commonwealth Club talk for yourself, for Happy V Day(?! -he starts off with Danielle Steel...), he also brings up/dodges the topic of Genentech and University research funding at the 26:00 and he talks about why it is bad to consider students who quit higher ed to write software as 'startups' at the 32:00, he also brings up his theory on the war on poverty and single motherhood, at 37:00 on correlating creativity with wealth, Benioff comes up at the 44:00, teachers' unions, nurses' unions, the cascading effect of the 'failed' Johnson War on Poverty reasoning,the breakdown of families, race, meritocracy, at 51:30 he says education has been underfunded, 'tall poppies and Norway', wonderful Australia- as opposed to the downside of 7th and Market in SF and more- here:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

During the protest, about 18 undergraduate students were in a meeting with Napolitano in Sutjarda Dai in a listening conference. About 3:30 p.m., the majority of these students walked out to join the protesters outside. Additionally, nine students from the Students of Color Solidarity Coalition are chained inside the building, reportedly not planning to leave until forced to do so.

What is goin' on at the Blum Center? Looks like this: Blum Center Takeover

@DailyCal is covering it here in some good pics and retweets

and: their article details out the protests throughout the day.

Napolitano on UC Tuition: "The discussion with Sacramento needs not to be about a freeze, as it were, or holding things steady, but what is a logical increase?" she asked. "And what does that mean for the long haul?"

She is gonna successfully fend off the POTUS and DOE on scorecard, the CA Gov and many UC Regents who want online course increases? see CHE:

In Calif., Janet Napolitano’s Vision: More Unity, Money, and Research

UCSD Guardian:
UC Regents Announce Online Course Expansion
Remember former Pres Yudof at the UC Regents meeting on Garcetti at the 1:49:00 here (the full thing begins around the 1:44:00) -- recall that section led into Regent Keiffer wanting clarification and presentation of an agenda item on 'that slippery notion called shared governance' and Regent Pattiz wanted the same for an agenda item he called 'academic responsibilities' in light of academic freedom. (It was an interesting section/exchange of that UC Regents meeting last year and noted earlier here.)

Anyway, IHE has an important update article today on Garcetti here.
Does it look like a broad swath of students or lower level staff participated in this? no. That was the campus visit?
(It should be noted she completed her visits to all of the other UC campuses in November--it is now February. wow.)

New UCB, UCLA program to address 'national issue', shortcomings- short round up

What about the rest of the UC system? see:"Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, Caltech unite to boost number of minority Ph.D. students, faculty"
and a UC Berkeley Administrators Identify Shortcomings In Sept 30 explosion
and UCLA Fac Blog updates on that PBS hot potato
and since we pointed to it earlier: want to point to it again now since a correction/clarification is now provided in the comments section, if you read it earlier you might want to read the comments now posted/'viewable'.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"“In no other industry would overhead costs be allowed to grow at this rate—executives would lose their jobs,” analysts at the financial management firm Bain & Company wrote in a 2012 white paper for its clients and others about administrative spending in higher education."

-- see:
New Analysis Shows Problematic Boom In Higher Ed Administrators
New England Center for Investigative Reporting | by Jon Marcus

Universities and university associations blame the increased hiring on such things as government regulations and demands from students and their families—including students who arrive unprepared for college-level work—for such services as remedial education, advising, and mental-health counseling.

“All of those things pile up, and contribute to this increase,” said Dan King, president of the American Association of University Administrators.

“I think there’s legitimate criticism” of the growth in hiring of administrators and other nonacademic employees, said King. “At the same time, you can’t lay all of the responsibility for that on the universities.”

(the people who do front line support for remedial ed, advising, mental health are not part of the SMG or senior admin six figure salary group - or, at Cal or UC are they? so...)

and see Op Ex's Bain Brief from 2012:
The Financially Sustainable University

Not What It Seems

Cal Pol Issues at UCLA Fac Blog has been covering this angle of pension prop in detail for a long while- and covered here the acrobatics as well- now, there is a PBS angle?!
Higher Ed joneses for Silicon Valley all the time, and wannabeez for SV too, yet: what does The City offer someone like this upon return from that space in Cupertino? A detailed escape from boatloads of meetings, bureaucracy, passive aggressive 'producer' behavior, inflexible hours

"But the jokes, insults, and negativity from my boss started distracting me from getting work done. My coworkers that stood their ground and set boundaries seemed to end up on a shit list of sorts and were out of the inner circle of people that kissed the producer's ass. I started to become one of those people that desperately wanted Friday evening to arrive, and I dreaded Sunday nights. Few of my friends or family wanted to hear that working at..."
and a telling tweet:
‏@supercooljordan 23h
"talking with HR was extra tricky because I was contracted by one company, paid by another contractor, yet worked for Apple."
Seth Davis' take on John Wooden and Walton and Jabbar.

"brilliant, promising or not-ready-for-prime-time"

“the OE Program Office has been asked to be a supporter, an enabler” in turning bottom-up revenue-generating ideas into reality .

Ideas that make it through the approval process can also receive startup funding in the form of a loan from the OE Program Office.

wow, OE is swimming in $$$$$?

(apparently every? meeting now occurs at Memorial Stadium- is it a case of recharge, recharge, recharge?)

"Academic credibility is a cornerstone of NCAA credibility."

CBS Sports Senior College Football Columnist Dennis Dodd article:
UNC whistleblower Willingham: Academic sins not isolated - "Mary Willingham says the NCAA would open 'Pandora's Box' if it really looked into academic fraud."
"This is the way it usually goes for whistleblowers. There's the message, then the inevitable push back against the messenger. We've become almost numb to academic scandal, but when the word "illiterate" creeps into the conversation, hasn't something changed?
Remember her words: functionally illiterate. "How many other Mary Willinghams step forward," she wondered, "and what do you do with that?"

h/t GAP

still waiting for the UCLA update to CNN to post here

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"the number of full-time faculty and staff members per professional or managerial administrator has declined 40 percent, to around 2.5 to 1. Full-time faculty members also lost ground to part-time instructors (who now compose half of the instructional staff at most types of colleges), particularly at public master’s and bachelor’s institutions. And the kicker: You can’t blame faculty salaries for the rise in tuition. "

see CHE: Administrator Hiring Drove 28% Boom in Higher-Ed Work Force, Report Says it is a piece on the Delta Cost Project Report:
Labor Intensive or Labor Expensive Changing Staffing and Compensation Patterns in Higher Education
see UCLA Fac Blog on the new Legislative Analyst's Office Report:
But in fact the tradition - such as it is - has been to forget about tradition and cut the budget during state budget crises, in the knowledge that UC and CSU can raise tuition. Indeed, as the chart above indicates, these traditional deviations from tradition dominate tuition decisions.

The LAO is uncomfortable with the habit of the governor of just proposing dollar increases not linked to enrollment and then extracting some promises from the university to do this or that, e.g., to spend $10 million on online education.

It might be noted that since LAO chose to lump UC and CSU together, it might have discussed a sore point namely the fact that CSU, as a part of CalPERS, gets its pension costs taken care of by the state whereas the state likes to stand aloof from the UC pension and its costs.

the LAO Report titled: "A Review Of State Budgetary Practices for UC and CSU"

New Proposed CA Legislation, New Date for Audit Findings

see Daily Cal article Proposed legislation would alter sexual assault policies across California

also note:
The California state auditor’s office is currently investigating how UC Berkeley, UCLA, San Diego State University and Chico State University handle cases of sexual assault and harassment, with results slated for release in June, two months later than the office had originally projected.

June is when many students are out of session, June is one month after the UC Regents May meeting in Sacramento,

Women's Caucus work on this is great- important to remember: at UC there are both male and female victims. And there are victims in the star chamber approach too.

UC Davis student speaks during this presser; en espanol at the 15:00 tambien; Q & A at the 17:00):

"Robert Reich wrote that despite the economic pain suffered by the poor — underpaid workers, the underemployed and the unemployed — we Americans are afraid to protest corporate greed and government indifference lest we lose our jobs. He also believes that our cynicism about government, now commonplace thanks to an unrelenting message from the right for over 40 years, keeps us in our couches."

Moral Monday "Americans take to the streets (finally) for justice"
Why don’t Americans protest in the streets? Robert Reich wrote that despite the economic pain suffered by the poor — underpaid workers, the underemployed and the unemployed — we Americans are afraid to protest corporate greed and government indifference lest we lose our jobs. He also believes that our cynicism about government, now commonplace thanks to an unrelenting message from the right for over 40 years, keeps us in our couches.
But hope springs eternal. A bit of background. North Carolina is

Government Accountability Project on The Day We Fight Back

also note this piece on UNC they have
this piece raises some questions that Napolitano's delegation didn't....
also- as UC tries to develop changes to Title IX and sexual harassment policy a post from University Diaries (on Northwestern U., U. Colorado, and Rutgers)
now, 'tranformative faculty', 'change management faculty', 'operationally excellent faculty'
and then to follow-- the endowed chair in operational excellence, change management, transformation
or go back to the old authentic leadership, leadership blah blah
administrators love the latest new term given to them by a consultant who found it surfing the web for more new people play

this USC piece includes the transformative faculty term-see:
Professor Hopes To Increase USC Faculties’ Role

Newfield represented the American Association of University Professors at the event and discussed issues in the current process for decision making and the need to increase the voice of faculty in the university setting. He has long advocated the need for professors to take a leading role in administrative decisions.

Napolitano (Upcoming) Visit To UC Berkeley

guess she didn't want the students to continue bringing up her failure to visit Cal during public comment at UC Regents meetings (they say she cancelled multiple times) see: ASUC Pres Letter to Janet Napolitano "Janet Napolitano,In two days, you will visit UC Berkeley for your first official campus visit since becoming president,"

she is back from Sochi (some of the delegation flew back together)
see post: UCLA Fac Blog on a perceived inconsistency in race relations and responses at UCLA the Cunningham 'incident' compared to other 'incidents'...
see Philip E. Lewis, Vice-President Andrew W. Mellon Foundation on: "My guess, which stems from a sense of the history and structure of the system, but which the data worshipers in our world would correctly say is not yet well supported, is that the cost of this subtle, incremental diminution of support for the language and literature, for the liberal arts and humanities, for education as a broad intellectual project is far greater than that of the visible closings and mergers we have witnessed up to now. (A broad perspective that resonates with mine is offered by Russell Berman in “The Real Language Crisis," Academe (September-October 2011.) It is important for us to be talking about how we can recognize and combat that larger and more nebulous trend even as we try to draw the appropriate lessons from such closings and mergers as have occurred." -- he walks you through how he gets there.

Monday, February 10, 2014

UC New Sexual Harassment Policy -Draft, Proposed

University of California will finalize a new sexual harassment and violence policy in the coming weeks,

see: Daily Cal University To Finalize New Sexual Harassment Policy - more coverage, viewpoint on how it applies to staff and faculty would be great...

the 21 page draft is available as a UCOP link here
- it includes sections on academic freedom and freedom of speech as well. Retaliation is also covered and the proposal is to treat it as a form of sexual harassment...

and then this story at Cal and this story at UCSB-- shocking, never saw headlines like that before so frequently...

HuffPo: Americans Have Little Faith In Colleges To Handle Sexual Assault Cases
UC: “We have not threatened AFSCME,”

" UC performance in preparing teachers is either horrible, or not-as-bad-as-we-thought-but-needs-improvement."

see: Preparing California's Teachers: Is U.C. Doing It's Part? by Robert Shireman Executive Director of California Competes and former Deputy Under Secretary at the U.S. Department of Education
also recall UC Regent Lansing continued to make her push for profs at UC to put time and effort toward improvement of instruction at ...highschools-- that happened during the education policy section that section begins at the 30:00 mark here . see UC Regent Gould at 1:36:00 on master plan and UC Regent Ruiz at 2:00:00 and Governor at 2:09:00
Governor Brown:
"we're in an ecology and its a whole lot bigger than just the three segments"

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Daily Bruin Reject?

--a: good read on Ezra Klein in NY Mag

He says he graduated from high school with a 2.2 GPA and barely got into UC Santa Cruz.

If he hadn’t been rejected by the college paper, he might never have become a blogger.

"Persistent Content"--yes, yes, yes!
There is little allowance made for readers coming to a story late and an assumption that anyone who’s been following a story over time will remember all the relevant contextual information.
“When you’re trying to come up with a good approach to reporting on the bleeding edge of where the conversation’s moving,” he says, “you’re just leaving a lot of people who aren’t on the bleeding edge of that conversation out.”

Found it thanks to the Daily Cal Weekender more on that here

Napolitano--University of Sochi?

UC only mentioned as her current title-- that it makes clear she is not there as a diplomat-- lots of national, international coverage for her on this Olympics delegation work -- but not much/anything on UC. To be fair--would it be acceptable if Yudof did something like this not directly/non-UC work?

and Napolitano mentions the after effects of the construction/buildings created for Olympics, but is she correct?

she also said as a fantasy --compete in figure skating as a favorite sport...
Advocate: Former Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano backed up President Obama's message.

"We come from a country that believes strongly in universal human values, like equality, freedom of expression, diversity," she told interviewer Charley Cullen Walters, "and our delegation certainly covers all of those areas, as do our athletes. And we as a country stand firm for those values, as does our president."

(Bay Area fav Brian Boitano also in the piece.)
Earlier mentioned Detroit-- and now Cal Pol Issues has a post on The UC Student-Workers Union, which represents more than 12,000 teaching assistants, tutors and readers across the UC system, is seeking a regular forum to talk about class size with faculty and UC management,: -- and UCOP resistance to it. UC Student Workers Union part of UAW.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


"University administrations have failed to safeguard their hallowed halls against greed and the service of short-term savings, going the way of big business. And the accrediting bodies have failed to guide and censure them as well. If this situation continues unchecked, it will signal the destruction and disintegration of higher education as we know it, though many tenured faculty still do not recognize the inevitable, morbid outcome if this current trend is not immediately reversed."
"There is a growing movement of adjuncts who are willing to stand together to stem the tide of the avalanche. So when the union came to our campus in the fall of 2013, I took out my lucky pen and asked, “Where do I sign?” Our grassroots movement will prove to be the best thing that happened to higher education since the advent of the erstwhile tenure model, despite the common public opinion about unions fostering greed and mediocrity."

see: How one professor’s American dream — teaching — turned into the American nightmare
"Earlier this week, Vice President Joseph Biden told participants at an annual conference of the United Auto Workers that union members “are the only guys keeping the barbarians at the gate.” Here’s more, courtesy of David Shepardson of the Detroit News:" see Minding The Workplace
UCOP's Duckett came to UC after stints in Detroit --that was around the same time that, on the national scene, POTUS was asked to take measures to save Detroit, remember?--Reminded of that while reading this piece: Viewpoints: UC has a labor-relations problem
"UC has offered its lowest-paid workers annual across-the-board wage increases of 1.88 percent – a fraction of what it has given other UC employees, and still less than the cost-of-living adjustment it granted to UC retirees last July.

In other words, while President Barack Obama is asking the rest of America to help close the income gap – UC is trying to widen it..."
Duke's Cathy Davidson mentions Detroit, the demise of vocational training, power of aspiration at the 1:00:20 here

DC's praise of Detroit's GM CEO 'powerful female' also raises the question--what is the truth about such success stories?
Dylan and Detroit
Was it an attempt to support US workers?
Some asking
What does it mean--now?
Public higher ed missions - UC
Music - Commercial jingle
"Less, I'm afraid."
what is this? an attempt to co-opt the term 'healthy workplace' from labor and non profits? or, a new partner in making for all?

Friday, February 7, 2014

UCB Library battles, CCC and Bachelors, and CSU $50 million grad rate plan

California community colleges could offer bachelor's degrees
Inside Higher Ed w/: Faculty Win Fight To Preserve Berkeley Libraries
UC Berkeley libraries saved with influx of cash
Tim White's $50 million plan for CSU --Cal State leader announces plan to increase graduation rates
UCB gives UCSD's Marye Anne Fox the Clark Kerr award

Water - everywhere

Dirks calls on campus community to conserve water
CBS local w/ an interesting state related story-- 'privatizing water'?

-some possible(?) UCOP and UC connections to the history to consider, research...
UPDATE- see other links on things to ponder: this
"POM Wonderful, part of the fruit-drink empire owned by Stewart and Lynda Resnick, makes its profits from pomegranate trees kept green by the Kern Water Bank Authority. The authority, technically a public agency, is controlled by the Paramount Farming Company, which like POM, is a subsidiary of Roll Global, a company owned by the billionaire Resnicks."

and this post on a presentation to the L'il Hoover

and this from UCLA Fac Blog

and now this latest from CHE For UCLA Pomegranate Research Is Sweet and Sour

New UCOP Chief Investment Officer roundup

he starts in April, some links for background:

Jagdeep Singh Bachher- BusinessWeek Executive Profile

Bio at Alberta Finance Institute

UCOP announcement

the current interim appointments info available here.

Napolitano On 'Reviving UC' and Tuition

a new challenge set to grow UC??
from NBC Bay Area
who is the 'we' she is referencing when she talks about chopped liver?

“I don’t think we’re chopped liver,” said Janet Napolitano, former secretary of homeland security, current president of the University of California system, and head of the U.S. delegation to the Sochi Winter Olympics.
and covering more from her Google hangout session w/ some UC students: Contemplating Tuition, Motherhood, and Apple Pie
--recall at UC Regents meeting Lt Gov Newsom said he could not vote for certain compensation increases b/c of tuition hikes on the horizon and UC Regent Chair Varner jumped on that and said that they were not currently discussing tuition hikes...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Separation of Powers, precautionary measures


UCLA Fac Blog's Cal Pol Issues points to LAT and Daily Bruin updates about the travel and entertainment scandals and proposed changes resulting from news stories that broke last year.

UCLA Fac Blog also laments:
The problem with the original story is that it focuses on budget dust compared to the free-spending capital budget. There we are not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are talking about hundreds of millions and a Board of Regents incapable of evaluating and monitoring the endless flow. We are talking about the myth that if it isn't state money, it doesn't cost anything. You read about it here. Sadly, you won't read about it anywhere else.

So, here would like to direct all y'all to the UC Regents buildings and grounds committee meeting where Regent M and UCOP's Lenz go over facts and figures of what UCLA Fac Blog is referring to - please note: You can see that section of video at the 3:53:45 mark here. There is a power point slide that clearly shows the big dollar figures UCLA Fac Blog- Cal Pol Issues is talking about in the quote above.
(They also talked earlier about maybe March, May or July as a possible time to bring it up as a formal comprehensive agenda item- not just a discussion item- that gets significant time at UC Regents meeting. They say that at the 2:33 mark, they kept pushing the date out similar to UC Path numbers)
Also, Compliance and Audit committee portion needs to be looked at closely. There is discussion about clarifying the UCOP system wide compliance and audit officer's reporting line-- to ensure that the current officer reports directly to the UC Regents and really making clear what those gray lines, dotted lines and solid black lines really mean. This raises many important questions organizationally because the UCOP- literally the UC Office of the President maintains its own Public Records office and Information and Investigations systemwide officers and has its own relationships with the General Counsel-- so, how does this reporting line break out separating the president's oversight and reporting lines from UC Regents reporting lines so all of that has to be taken into consideration as they make any clarification or changes of reporting structure. see 00:23:30 here

Also, note the compliance and audit officers closing powerpoint slide and her mentioning of Title IX, bullying, harrassment, discrimination incidents at UC and various federal and state agencies relationship chart on what she describes as "cultural, social responsibilities' issues- see 00:20:15 here

Toggling to these sections is difficult using the media player the UC Regents have chosen- but it is worthwhile on these important topics.

Regent Feingold mentions falling asleep during the compliance and audit section of the meeting and I see what looks like Regent Blum falling asleep as Newsom talks about his opposition to Steele compensation- starts at the 30:25 mark here. How long should UC Regents be UC Regents? Should there be term limits? Is the Governor trying to appoint new people as UC Regents but not finding any takers, or appropriate people?
Good Morn or Evening Friends
here's your friendly announcer
I have serious news to pass on to everybody...what I'm about to say could mean..."
we all must take 'precautionary measures'- stop it please before its gone too far.