Thursday, February 27, 2014

$3.13 Billion

see: UC Berkeley raises $3.13 billion from more than 281,000 donors
UC-Berkeley Faces New Complaints That It Failed Sexual Assault Survivors

Two former students involved in this week's filing were responsible for a Title IX complaint filed against the university in 1979. In Wednesday's complaint they say they find the current handling of sexual violence at Cal to be "strikingly similar to those [concerns] that motivated our own Title IX complaint decades ago."
-- lots of add'l background provided in the piece.
and Daily Cal: DOE on a student data privacy tool
“At this stage of my life, I can say — without any hesitation — that I am prepared and excited to tackle these challenges and the many others that lay before us. In fact, there is nothing I would rather do,” he said in the statement. “By the grace of God and habits of perseverance instilled in me by my family, the Dominican nuns and the Jesuits, I am here and ready to go.” Brown Seeks Fourth Term As Governor In California - is that the tone he takes in approaching UC challenges?

Either Jerry Brown or Neel Kashkari as the next President of the UC Regents - those are the only options for California?
more from Kashkari:
One reform might be to change the funding formula so that state universities and colleges aren't paid per student, but based on the efficiency of getting those students through to graduation, he said.

Kashkari said another idea might be to put more class content online to make it more accessible, while cutting costs.

"While this proposed settlement includes compromise on both sides, it honors the contributions that career service workers make to this institution, as well as UC’s responsibility to build ladders to the middle class,” AFSCME 3299 President Kathryn Lybarger said in a statement issued Thursday morning. “Our members are deeply grateful to the thousands of students, faculty, colleagues, elected officials, and everyday taxpayers who have stood with us, and stood for the principles of fairness and dignity that bind every member of the UC community.” LAT: Strike averted with contract settlement at UC

paid and unpaid internships at UC

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