Friday, February 28, 2014

"Additionally, UC Irvine reportedly recovered some rights to patents and associated royalties that were uncovered during the university's internal investigation, which dated to 2009. Details about any inappropriate transfer of technology weren’t available, because they were part of a confidential settlement "

see Rex Dalton's coverage:
Former UCI Scientist Pleads Guilty to Conflict of Interest
and ...
Also see: the side links to: "Controversial Legal Defense Expected for UCI Ex-Professor"
A former UC Irvine engineering professor, charged with multiple felonies for conflicts of interest involving up to $700,000 in payments from industry, is expected to argue he is exempt from prosecution because the UC system is a sovereign entity.
The seldom-seen legal tactic, which UC-funded lawyers also are using in a similar felony case involving a UCLA professor, has disturbed prosecutors and shows the extent to which one of the world’s most prestigious public university systems will go to defend its realm.

and "Spokespeople or attorneys for UC Irvine and the professors would not comment.
But a UCLA spokesman issued a statement defending the university’s internal policies, calling them “robust mechanisms to manage conflicts.”

and "A UC Irvine spokeswoman would not say whether the university is paying Yamamoto's fees."

and: recall this important piece: Dalton wrote about it extensively in this piece earlier.

At one point UC attorneys argued to prosecutors that a 2002 law — designed to protect selection of professors from political tampering — exempted teaching professors from prosecution for conflict of interest charges. Prosecutors rejected this argument.

AP : Ex-UC Irvine prof took research money from Japan

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