Thursday, February 27, 2014

awkward. confusing.

University Diaries: How Awkward for Berkeley. How Awkward for Senator Feinstein.

...Shades of Yeshiva University under the management of Bernie Madoff and Ezra Merkin! … Well, that university investment strategy ended badly, and I think Berkeley’s is about to come to grief too… But … look. You don’t need to be Thomas Frank to be sickened by the cynicism of America’s greatest public university getting rich off the backs of America’s most vulnerable student population…

Especially since it’s not only Berkeley. There’s Columbia University, already famous for its business dean’s starring performance in Inside Job. Columbia’s president, Lee Bollinger, sits on the board of the company that owns Kaplan. Students there were so disgusted by this that they started a petition calling for him to leave the board. The language of their petition pithily summarized the American for-profit ed business model:
read the post in full here.
UD points to the Daily Planet piece - if you click the Blum tab above --there's more.
Didn't the Governor just reappoint some UC Regents...???

Will Dirks feel some sensitivity in his Columbia being described that way? Does he see it that way? Does he see it differently, how?

Didn't Madoff recently call out JP Morgan?. Isn't some UCOP leadership from JP Morgan?- do they have thoughts on this latest? What to believe?

Also, in the Frank piece UD points to-- Robert Reich, Brad De Long and Berkeley lectures come up in that article.
This story in HuffPo is hard to follow: Racial Tensions Grow At UCLA Law After Black Student Receives Hate Mail
- are there softball teams headed up by profs at UCLA law?
- the picture accompanying the story is not explained, given context.

Prop 209 happened in November 1996 and UCLA is just now catching up to it?
My Brothers Keeper
yep, once again there is a UC Regents meeting today on investments.
need a minute?--Ship of Fools.

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