Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Updated - Cal's Dirks on Title IX, Napolitano On Arizona's SB 1062

"An additional 22 students joined the nine original students in filing a new Clery complaint Wednesday."
see: Students file complaints against UC Berkeley for allegedly mishandling sexual assault cases
Original post:
see: Chancellor Dirks issues an update on sexual assault prevention, response
By Public Affairs, UC Berkeley

staff and faculty mentioned, sorta- resources geared to students not equally to staff and faculty
leaves the outreach looking incomplete, one-track, murky...cloudy.

IHE on Title IX -- if you wanna get real in the weeds.
The Nation on Napolitano
Napolitano on Arizona's SB 1062, and the current Governor. No quote from her in that piece on her own 'evolution'- how she once opposed marriage equality/same sex marriage -- and no quote in it on UC.
The Gov made an appointment to WICHE--what is WICHE you might ask...

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