Friday, February 14, 2014

Dirks' Body Language --and ‘Did I get bought by the UC system?’, and Perkins

his facial expression and body language in the photo accompanying this Daily Cal story - wonder what it was in response to?
“In part, this was also a very triggering experience for many undocumented students, seeing that the person that was responsible for the deportation of their families is sitting right next to them,” Tan told Napolitano. “And I could say right here as well that this is a very triggering experience … Even with the $5 million allocation, people have questioned, ‘Did I get bought by the UC system?’ ”

After most of the undergraduates in the room had spoken, Putri Rahmaputri — a member of an undocumented student coalition that has been meeting with the UC Office of the President about Napolitano’s $5 million allocation — lambasted the meeting’s relatively private nature.

“Out there, outside of this building, outside of this room, is the real UC Berkeley culture,” Rahmaputri said before asking the other students to stand up. “This is not the real meeting, the real getting-to-know UC Berkeley students.”

In the piece- they make a point to contrast undergrad and grad students meetings --It points once again to good reasons why there should be representation of student regent positions for each level- undergrad,grad, professional. Maybe the Governor could work on that as a good will gesture since so many are disappointed with the UC Regent appointment process for the full 12 year term UC Regent positions?

Napolitano brought it up too:
Napolitano later told them. “The plain fact of the matter is, I’m here. I don’t choose the selection method; I don’t choose the Board of Regents. But I do choose with my life and my talents to lead this great university, and I think this university is a gem among all the states. And we ought to be thinking about things we can do together.”
(the all caps block lettering is their formatting)

h/t UD on that
UD also has this funny post
on a guy who made a UC Regent!- Why not?! Go all in- still three spots. What's the difference? Make Carly a UC Regent, too. They can re-enact HP board meetings from the past. Then, add in Meg for the third slot and she and JB can do those old election debates.

Just think... it could have led to UC Regent meetings held-- instead of Mission Bay -- On The Bay, on this- here:

yep: 'he wants everyone to see it.' (Under the GG before he sold it)

If you want to watch the SF Commonwealth Club talk for yourself, for Happy V Day(?! -he starts off with Danielle Steel...), he also brings up/dodges the topic of Genentech and University research funding at the 26:00 and he talks about why it is bad to consider students who quit higher ed to write software as 'startups' at the 32:00, he also brings up his theory on the war on poverty and single motherhood, at 37:00 on correlating creativity with wealth, Benioff comes up at the 44:00, teachers' unions, nurses' unions, the cascading effect of the 'failed' Johnson War on Poverty reasoning,the breakdown of families, race, meritocracy, at 51:30 he says education has been underfunded, 'tall poppies and Norway', wonderful Australia- as opposed to the downside of 7th and Market in SF and more- here:

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