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Entrepreneurial Academic Freedom...

the hot new term to be used in higher ed? The immediate last post led to reminders of some other history-a wikipedia page helps (yes,- get over it)
see this section:

a dean responded to a dispute between two professors by telling one not to publish or speak out about the other's research. And that order, the committee concluded, violated basic principles of academic freedom.
It points to these news stories:

Inside Higher Ed:
Are Administrators Trying To Involve Themselves In Faculty Disputes?

and, a UCSD Guardian piece:
Social Sciences Dean Bans Professor’s Manuscript, Violates Academic Freedom

“We were flabbergasted and couldn’t believe that any dean could have written such a thing,” CAF Committee Member and associate professor of history Sarah Schneewind said.

Biernacki has been a State of California Whistleblower since 2007, which means he can disclose information to law and government agencies about his place of work with reasonable cause.

“The dean’s astonishing attacks on me as a State of California Whistleblower raise grave legal issues,” Biernacki said.

According to Schneewind, Elmer wrote the letter with approval from faculty and administration above him, and with the assistance of lawyers that work for UCSD.

“That all did not bode well for the future of academic freedom at the university,” Schneewind said.

Academic Senate Chair Frank Powell drafted a resolution denouncing the dean’s actions, which passed 25-4 at the May 24 meeting, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

more Wikipedia:
The Committee on Academic Freedom of the UC San Diego Academic Senate investigated a 2009 letter sent by Elman to a professor in the Sociology Department regarding an academic dispute with a colleague. In it Elman ordered him not to publish criticism of his colleague, saying it "may damage the reputation of a colleague" and result in "written censure, reduction in salary, demotion, suspension, or dismissal."[4] On May 25, 2011, after hearing a report from the committee, the University of California San Diego Representative Assembly of the faculty senate "expressed 'grave concern' about what it deems a violation of academic freedom and called on the administration to acknowledge and correct the situation". This matter was discussed in higher education media and San Diego newspapers [5][6] as well as the UCSD campus paper In 2012, the UCSD administration agreed to comply with the Representative Assembly's request and issued a statement accepting responsibility for poor handling of the situation. As part of the resolution of the incident, the campus administration also agreed to hold several campus events to better educate the campus administration and faculty about the principle of academic freedom (the first event was held in May, 2012.)

UT San Diego: Did UCSD Breach Professor's Academic Freedom?

The FIRE: Faculty Committee Issues Stinging Report on Academic Freedom Violations at UC San Diego

and this:

there is no mention of Randall Duke Cunningham connections in Wikipedia here-on 'Duke' see this- but it is covered in this piece though:
He continued to draw a salary from Cunningham’s office as well as his military pay. A counter-intelligence operative, the young Marine found himself in a firefight, for which he received a commendation for valor. Eight months later he was back, safe and sound, behind a desk in Cunningham’s San Diego office.

along with this fascinating history on a UC Berkeley alum:
Verlyn Lowell Fletcher, Randy Fletcher’s father and Nathan’s grandfather, was a fabled Nevada political functionary. A 1937 graduate of the University of California at Berkeley,

and, in another section of the article, a reference to Bob Dylan in it:
In November 2002, still the party’s political director, Fletcher was back on the campaign trail with Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon. A reporter for the OC Weekly was with him and another Simon advance man at a rally in Santa Monica when Bob Dylan’s 1966 “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” came over the loudspeaker. Hearing the lyrics “Everybody must get stoned,” Fletcher snapped, “Dude! Fast-forward through this song right now!”

-that article is a wild read...
profs 'of practice' and rate my prof mentioned by some as the scorecard- and, um, laundry references. the whole thing is wild. see this on hunches about the SD city school system tie in...wild.
also: UC will shift an ever-higher proportion of its daily energy to what UC Berkeley EVC George Breslauer calls "unit-level entrepreneurialism, in the article that was the subject of Tuesday's Remaking post, EVC Breslauer is entirely right that this is what the austerity university is doing and will do: break down the campus into units, break down unit into discreet activities, and then charge a toll for each of the activities that can possible bear one. mentioned here earlier.
sigh, a rainy day would be lovely 'bout now.
btw things are gettin' all... religious --Gov. Brown said at a UC Regents meeting that Academic Freedom was that space 'where angels fear to tread', and then the UC development officers call donors 'angels'. And GAP has a piece on it and, yes, Snowden as Rector...

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