Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finding Flavor...

see Remaking the University Post: Can A Faculty Strike Break a Legislative Loop? "Our research is also tied to our instruction, and is not a separate activity in which undergraduates have no role to play. Were they separate, UC students should save half of their tuition by going to Cal State."
"and where tuition hikes can and should be capped by the basic facts that public college students are poorer and more diverse and more indebted (and arguably more interesting, worldly, and engaged) than ever. This means that we all have to make the teaching and the research case in interconnected ways and at the same time."
a flashback... in this case a talk from a few years ago- it includes a good panel discussion at around the 1:00:00 mark on funding for higher ed, 'egalitarianism' clarifications, affirmative action etc.:

a Univ. Washington talk that includes panel w/ Susan Jeffords, VC- Acad. Affairs at UW-Bothwell, and *UCSD alum* Asst. Prof. Chandan Reddy at UW-Seattle - direct link available here

a certain word grouping prompted by this article: Steyer, Farallon Cap.,Climate Change, Higher Ed... Research
remember Governor Brown's admonitions to that pension board?

now: Calif. Pension Board To Consider Rate Increases

see:Jerry Brown, Pension Board At Odds Over Reforms

is that the reason why: Jerry Brown To Skip Meeting of Governors in Washington?
Neutrinos where? Minnesota? South Dakota? Largest research experiment ever? Hardly any press.

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