Saturday, February 8, 2014


"University administrations have failed to safeguard their hallowed halls against greed and the service of short-term savings, going the way of big business. And the accrediting bodies have failed to guide and censure them as well. If this situation continues unchecked, it will signal the destruction and disintegration of higher education as we know it, though many tenured faculty still do not recognize the inevitable, morbid outcome if this current trend is not immediately reversed."
"There is a growing movement of adjuncts who are willing to stand together to stem the tide of the avalanche. So when the union came to our campus in the fall of 2013, I took out my lucky pen and asked, “Where do I sign?” Our grassroots movement will prove to be the best thing that happened to higher education since the advent of the erstwhile tenure model, despite the common public opinion about unions fostering greed and mediocrity."

see: How one professor’s American dream — teaching — turned into the American nightmare
"Earlier this week, Vice President Joseph Biden told participants at an annual conference of the United Auto Workers that union members “are the only guys keeping the barbarians at the gate.” Here’s more, courtesy of David Shepardson of the Detroit News:" see Minding The Workplace
UCOP's Duckett came to UC after stints in Detroit --that was around the same time that, on the national scene, POTUS was asked to take measures to save Detroit, remember?--Reminded of that while reading this piece: Viewpoints: UC has a labor-relations problem
"UC has offered its lowest-paid workers annual across-the-board wage increases of 1.88 percent – a fraction of what it has given other UC employees, and still less than the cost-of-living adjustment it granted to UC retirees last July.

In other words, while President Barack Obama is asking the rest of America to help close the income gap – UC is trying to widen it..."
Duke's Cathy Davidson mentions Detroit, the demise of vocational training, power of aspiration at the 1:00:20 here

DC's praise of Detroit's GM CEO 'powerful female' also raises the question--what is the truth about such success stories?
Dylan and Detroit
Was it an attempt to support US workers?
Some asking
What does it mean--now?
Public higher ed missions - UC
Music - Commercial jingle
"Less, I'm afraid."
what is this? an attempt to co-opt the term 'healthy workplace' from labor and non profits? or, a new partner in making for all?

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