Thursday, February 13, 2014

Napolitano on UC Tuition: "The discussion with Sacramento needs not to be about a freeze, as it were, or holding things steady, but what is a logical increase?" she asked. "And what does that mean for the long haul?"

She is gonna successfully fend off the POTUS and DOE on scorecard, the CA Gov and many UC Regents who want online course increases? see CHE:

In Calif., Janet Napolitano’s Vision: More Unity, Money, and Research

UCSD Guardian:
UC Regents Announce Online Course Expansion
Remember former Pres Yudof at the UC Regents meeting on Garcetti at the 1:49:00 here (the full thing begins around the 1:44:00) -- recall that section led into Regent Keiffer wanting clarification and presentation of an agenda item on 'that slippery notion called shared governance' and Regent Pattiz wanted the same for an agenda item he called 'academic responsibilities' in light of academic freedom. (It was an interesting section/exchange of that UC Regents meeting last year and noted earlier here.)

Anyway, IHE has an important update article today on Garcetti here.
Does it look like a broad swath of students or lower level staff participated in this? no. That was the campus visit?
(It should be noted she completed her visits to all of the other UC campuses in November--it is now February. wow.)

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