Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Napolitano (Upcoming) Visit To UC Berkeley

guess she didn't want the students to continue bringing up her failure to visit Cal during public comment at UC Regents meetings (they say she cancelled multiple times) see: ASUC Pres Letter to Janet Napolitano "Janet Napolitano,In two days, you will visit UC Berkeley for your first official campus visit since becoming president,"

she is back from Sochi (some of the delegation flew back together)
see post: UCLA Fac Blog on a perceived inconsistency in race relations and responses at UCLA the Cunningham 'incident' compared to other 'incidents'...
see Philip E. Lewis, Vice-President Andrew W. Mellon Foundation on: "My guess, which stems from a sense of the history and structure of the system, but which the data worshipers in our world would correctly say is not yet well supported, is that the cost of this subtle, incremental diminution of support for the language and literature, for the liberal arts and humanities, for education as a broad intellectual project is far greater than that of the visible closings and mergers we have witnessed up to now. (A broad perspective that resonates with mine is offered by Russell Berman in “The Real Language Crisis," Academe (September-October 2011.) It is important for us to be talking about how we can recognize and combat that larger and more nebulous trend even as we try to draw the appropriate lessons from such closings and mergers as have occurred." -- he walks you through how he gets there.

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