Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not What It Seems

Cal Pol Issues at UCLA Fac Blog has been covering this angle of pension prop in detail for a long while- and covered here the acrobatics as well- now, there is a PBS angle?!
Higher Ed joneses for Silicon Valley all the time, and wannabeez for SV too, yet: what does The City offer someone like this upon return from that space in Cupertino? A detailed escape from boatloads of meetings, bureaucracy, passive aggressive 'producer' behavior, inflexible hours

"But the jokes, insults, and negativity from my boss started distracting me from getting work done. My coworkers that stood their ground and set boundaries seemed to end up on a shit list of sorts and were out of the inner circle of people that kissed the producer's ass. I started to become one of those people that desperately wanted Friday evening to arrive, and I dreaded Sunday nights. Few of my friends or family wanted to hear that working at..."
and a telling tweet:
‏@supercooljordan 23h
"talking with HR was extra tricky because I was contracted by one company, paid by another contractor, yet worked for Apple."
Seth Davis' take on John Wooden and Walton and Jabbar.

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