Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nuance - or not

"The Associated Press reported that the actual makeup of this year’s freshman class in the UC system is a more nuanced story: African Americans and Latinos are dramatically underrepresented in the incoming class, but so are white students. Asian Americans, on the other hand, are over-represented, and make up the plurality of this year’s freshman class." see WaPo: California Schools Could Consider Race, Gender In Admissions
Jerry Brown's Back Door Support For Privatization - read the comments section too.. cuz in the comments there's this: "Pro NRT folks are prone to use gross revenues per head. UCSD estimated the NET per head is about $10,000 per student. For every additional 1000 non-resident students a campus will therefore net $10,000,000. UC Berkeley increased its international student numbers during the crisis by around 2000..." and links w/ more info provided.
Highlander- this issue that came up at the UC Regents meeting - students showed up to raise it in public comments to them, they: raise some discrimination concerns an op ed here too
Student input should be made on new changes to the UC Calendar

also on cutting UCOP budget
UC Board of Regents: ‘5 percent is not enough’
Daily Nexus has coverage of the web chat between Napolitano and some select UC students

their UC Regents meeting coverage here and here
UCSC City On A Hill covered the UC Regents meeting: First Regents Meeting of the Year Addresses Funding and Budgets- AFSCME announces possible vote strike in February
UCSD The Guardian: UC Regents Announce Online Course Expansion
Daily Cal: "In a letter released Monday, U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, alleged that more than 100 universities and colleges, including UCSF, are requiring students seeking financial aid to submit fee-based forms — a breach of federal law."

and their op ed: Gov. Jerry Brown should increase the diversity of expertise on the UC Board of Regents by appointing academics to its three remaining vacancies.

UC all over the water wars, drought issues:
But Michael Hanemann, a UC Berkeley professor of agricultural and resource economics, said Tuesday that insufficient Delta pumping isn't the problem: It's the lack of rain and snowpack that feeds the Delta to start with.

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