Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Practicing What? At UCSD

Dean in UCSD money "laundering" case to step down-
Email discussed using mayoral candidate Fletcher to raise cash from billionaire Jacobs

and keep in mind: "Dr. Jeffrey Elman has announced his intention to conclude his tenure as Dean of the Division of Social Sciences, effective June 30, 2014, to devote his full attention to teaching, research and service as a Distinguished Professor in the UC San Diego Department of Cognitive Science."

also see this and this for more background.
Unfortunately in this next story--this headline and it includes former NYC Mayor Bloomberg in the piece too: Jerry Brown's Fletcher endorsement a Prop 30 payoff? Democratic governor enters San Diego's mayoral fray by backing candidate of his billionaire political angel Irwin Jacobs
"Last year, New York's mayor Mike Bloomberg reached a supportive hand across the continent to San Diego, endorsing assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, a newly independent candidate for mayor who had just quit the Republican Party.

Political observers in the know pointed to a multi-billion dollar deal between Bloomberg and San Diego's richest man,"

and this: Then there was the case of the threatening letter from lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom to California historic preservation chief Milford Wayne Donaldson, warning him not to get in the way of a radical Balboa Park makeover sponsored by Jacobs.

and this earlier as part of the story too,
UCSD conceals Fletcher's reason for graduating five years late
Studied at California Baptist University 1995-2000, got diploma in 2005

UCSD didn't get Fletcher transcript either "San Diego mayoral hopeful Nathan Fletcher, the only major candidate not to release his college transcripts as part of the campaign, also did not submit them as part of his application to be a professor at the University of California San Diego.

The university did not require such documentation, and in fact did not seek third-party recommendations before Fletcher went to work in January,"
Also note that at Berkeley the Clark Kerr Award went to the former UCSD Chancellor -that got coverage,-- without much discussion of the racial tensions esp. in her last years in office- now...
Controversial "diversity" officer out at UCSD

Wisconsin comes up in that piece and in case you missed it-it also comes up in this Fletcher piece too.
UCLA Fac Blog on Faculty Strike at University of Illinois Chicago


Changing Universities: Understanding Financial Aid in the UC and Beyond - We can fix this den of iniquity called Higher Ed for $195 billion? Do it.
and this Daily Cal article on Regent Kieffer visit to UC Berkeley, he gets musical and also gives an interview
including comments on tuition: "We are working with the governor’s office and the Department of Finance to try to create a long-term plan where we increase a small percentage every year. It’s disappointing we have to do that, but we have to do that, and that’s been the case since 1960-something when I first was protesting (as an undergraduate) against tuition increases, which were miniscule at the time — so a long-term, stable (tuition plan) so people get a feeling of what their commitment is going to be from the very beginning. At the same time we will continue with our financial aid."

the theater of public comment at UC Regents meetings

and on Napolitano: "When we talk about students’ concerns, this is a small group of students who are extremely concerned. It’s not all students. When I’ve been on campuses, I have found that the majority of students are comfortable with the new president, but there are a significant number of students who remain uncomfortable, and I understand where they are coming from. I think the president has got to deal with that and overcome it. She is our president. She is not going to leave. We are not going to ask her to leave. I have great confidence in her. I think the students who are extremely concerned and upset about it have their reasons and have to decide how to go about these issues. My own personal point of view is that, at a certain point, it’s counterproductive. It will turn a significant number of people in the middle of the immigration debate against the kind of reforms that I would like to see take place … But it’s not for me to tell them how to make their case, so I presume they’ll continue to do what they think is right."

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