Saturday, February 22, 2014

Prop 13, Tuition, Funding, more - A Seminar At UC Davis 2012

Wanna give some of these talks their own post space. You can view presentation documents and additional background here
This from February 2012:
"UC Davis 101: An Open Seminar for UC Davis Students, Faculty & Staff"
Cristina González, Professor, School of Education and Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UC Davis -- View Presentation Document
Michal Kurlaender, Associate Professor, School of Education, UC Davis --
Kelly Ratliff, Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget Resource Management, UC Davis
Tom Timar, Professor, School of Education, UC Davis

What is Proposition 13; what are its implications for higher education funding?
How does UC function as a state agency? Learn about the roles and responsibilities for UC governance and budget of the President, Chancellors, Governor, Legislature, and others.
What is the history of tuition at UC, and how does UC tuition compare with other public higher education institutions?
Where does the funding for UC Davis come from, and how is it spent?
Sponsored by the UC Davis School of Education and the Education Graduate Student Association.

and see:"Universities Cannot Escape History, But Can They Make It?" Cristina González, Professor of Spanish and Education, UC Davis from 2012 Reflecting on Clark Kerr’s The Uses of the University, Professor González argues that universities must try to be an uplifting agent in this time of crisis. She further maintains that, since administrations now are focused almost exclusively on coping, it is up to faculties to lead. González’ talk is part of the UC Davis Humanities Institute’s ongoing series Conversations in the Humanities more info here

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