Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rocketing Round Up

Remember the joke about holding finals in the stands? well...
"One illustration of this effort is the initiative to turn the California Memorial Stadium into a multiuse facility housing academic programs from many of our schools as well providing additional recreational sports facilities to all our students."
and- why is the VC Admin focusing on Intercollegiate Athletics so often?: Why intercollegiate athletics matter: a Q&A with John Wilton.
CA Audit of Some UC Medical Facilities Report
the brief fact sheet and brief report
and this UCOP op ed in Daily Cal on it
Dirks on Richmond Bay satellite UCB campus: "I plan to chair this committee and have asked Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer, Vice Chancellor Graham Fleming, Vice Chancellor John Wilton and Vice Provost Cathy Koshland to serve as voting members."
on UC Regents: The More Things Change... --"Brown's corporatist status quo"
Changing Universities on: US Congress Notices The Loss Of Tenure -
and POTUS higher ed summit remarks here
Napolitano Responds to UCLA's Moreno Report
Hangouts On Air- (some sound issues but 'hang in there')
As part of the HASTAC FutureEd Initiative, Cathy N. Davidson, Christopher Newfield and David Palumbo-Liu are coordinating their face-to-face courses at, respectively, Duke University, UC Santa Barbara, and Stanford University. This is the first of four Google Hangouts for the three courses to connect and discuss the future of higher education.
a sounding rocket--'To Catch Aurora In The Act'. -- JOY

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