Thursday, February 6, 2014

Separation of Powers, precautionary measures


UCLA Fac Blog's Cal Pol Issues points to LAT and Daily Bruin updates about the travel and entertainment scandals and proposed changes resulting from news stories that broke last year.

UCLA Fac Blog also laments:
The problem with the original story is that it focuses on budget dust compared to the free-spending capital budget. There we are not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are talking about hundreds of millions and a Board of Regents incapable of evaluating and monitoring the endless flow. We are talking about the myth that if it isn't state money, it doesn't cost anything. You read about it here. Sadly, you won't read about it anywhere else.

So, here would like to direct all y'all to the UC Regents buildings and grounds committee meeting where Regent M and UCOP's Lenz go over facts and figures of what UCLA Fac Blog is referring to - please note: You can see that section of video at the 3:53:45 mark here. There is a power point slide that clearly shows the big dollar figures UCLA Fac Blog- Cal Pol Issues is talking about in the quote above.
(They also talked earlier about maybe March, May or July as a possible time to bring it up as a formal comprehensive agenda item- not just a discussion item- that gets significant time at UC Regents meeting. They say that at the 2:33 mark, they kept pushing the date out similar to UC Path numbers)
Also, Compliance and Audit committee portion needs to be looked at closely. There is discussion about clarifying the UCOP system wide compliance and audit officer's reporting line-- to ensure that the current officer reports directly to the UC Regents and really making clear what those gray lines, dotted lines and solid black lines really mean. This raises many important questions organizationally because the UCOP- literally the UC Office of the President maintains its own Public Records office and Information and Investigations systemwide officers and has its own relationships with the General Counsel-- so, how does this reporting line break out separating the president's oversight and reporting lines from UC Regents reporting lines so all of that has to be taken into consideration as they make any clarification or changes of reporting structure. see 00:23:30 here

Also, note the compliance and audit officers closing powerpoint slide and her mentioning of Title IX, bullying, harrassment, discrimination incidents at UC and various federal and state agencies relationship chart on what she describes as "cultural, social responsibilities' issues- see 00:20:15 here

Toggling to these sections is difficult using the media player the UC Regents have chosen- but it is worthwhile on these important topics.

Regent Feingold mentions falling asleep during the compliance and audit section of the meeting and I see what looks like Regent Blum falling asleep as Newsom talks about his opposition to Steele compensation- starts at the 30:25 mark here. How long should UC Regents be UC Regents? Should there be term limits? Is the Governor trying to appoint new people as UC Regents but not finding any takers, or appropriate people?
Good Morn or Evening Friends
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we all must take 'precautionary measures'- stop it please before its gone too far.

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